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  1. Shanubi

    Luckyland recruiting

    Ideal Candidate Would have a score around 103103 and would have one or more of the following boosts: planks, elixir We average 7.8 chests per week and would love to reach 10 weekly or monthly. We have a solid core of 15+ active players, a few newbs, and a few that have gone quiet. We’re very...
  2. Disney Angel

    How to join?

    Hello. My game name is Disney Angel. I am new to this game but so far I am really enjoying it. I recently convinced my fiancee to play with me and she has created her own game. She likes it so far and I recently created a Fellowship for us for now, just until we learn the ropes of this game. But...
  3. Tanis-Wulf

    Looking for Boosted Member Planks-Silk-Gems

    Fellowship Mystic Dream Riders is looking for an active player with boosts of Planks, Silk and Gems. We have two openings. Prefer someone who plays daily and has reached at least their second tier goods.
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  5. Joining a new fellowship?

    I don't remember what I did when I left my first fellowship, so I don't know how to help my neighbor join me. She's disbanded her old fellowhip. I've sent her an invite to my fellowship. We don't know what to do next to get her "in". What am I forgetting/overlooking?
  6. Unicorn Army

    Hey wonderful people! Are you a Unicorn or want to be one? Looking for: Active Players ranked 3500 or better, post Fair Trades, Boosting neighbors 3x a week or more. We have a really friendly group of players that love to help each other out! We want someone who will stick around and want to...
  7. Trade up with the Freaky Traders

    Small trades, big deals ... it's all good. Are you looking for an active, lively and social fellowship that loves to chat and encourage its members?Want one that shares tips and hints to help you grow faster? Look no further, this is the place to be! All we ask is that you have fun, respect...
  8. Freaky Traders

    Hello Winyandor Players,:D Our fellowship is looking to replace a few inactive members. We are a social, supportive, and active fellowship. Our fellowship expects members to do visits to all within the fellowship multiple times weekly (2 minimum) and to place only fair trades or better( 2-3...
  9. New Light Haven fellowship is now recruiting

    New Light Haven fellowship is now recruiting new members! Do you want to play with friendly people and have the help you need for trading and visiting? Then, New Light Haven is the place to be! We play and visit daily. All we require is that you do the same. We are here to help each other to...
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