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  1. Alpha Lyrae

    Experienced Player - New Town

    Experienced player here (Halflings - Khelonaar), looking for a fellowship in Arendyll. I started a new human town for some spice in my life. :p You can expect daily visits and steady growth, though my town is too small to be much use in tourney's/spire right now. Let me know if you have room...
  2. Tanis-Wulf

    Are you boosted in Steel, Scrolls and Elixer?

    If you are boosted in Steel, Scrolls and Elixer and have a score of 20,000 or above, we have a place for you. Mystic Dream Riders in Arendyll is looking for someone like you. We are an active fellowship who offers fair trades and daily neighborly visits. No slackers allowed. We will help you...
  3. Active, Fun-Loving Competitors Welcomed

    Fair Trade Reborn is seeking a few active players to join our group of competitive, growing members. We do have a few requirements and a few preferences to help us all work together and support each other: Required: No drama. We are there to have fun. Please leave politics and strife for...

    WORLD: ARENDYLL FS: NEPHALEM WE HAVE OPENINGS!! Now is the chance to move to a Great Fellowship! We are a group of friendly, vary helpful and active players, A well rounded FS in the Arendyll world with a FS rank of #2! We have trades and NH in abundance and we are looking for you! Come join...
  5. FALLEN is recruiting 2 members!

    Fallen is the rank 76th Fellowship on the Arendyll server and has many active/friendly members and is currently looking for 2 more members to fill out our roster with like minded players. What Fallen offers: -constant Fair Trades (2 star or better), with many 3 star trades added daily to help...
  6. New Fellowship born for players tired of not getting what they need

    Fellowship Name: Companions of the Hall Hello, I just started a fellowship called Companions of the Hall. I left the one I was in which was scary but I want to create a fellowship that has as much of a balance of goods and players giving NH thats possible! (I will keep a eye on how many boost...