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battle issues

  1. Allow all 3 of the training camps to train 5 troops so you can train 15 groups not just 5

    One of the biggest problems I have faced in the tournaments is trying to train enough troops. I have my barracks upgraded as far as I can go and the other camps as well but it is hard to have to decide which group of units to train when I want groups from each camp. It would be really useful if...
  2. Battle Changes

    Since the last update I'm finding it impossible to win any battles. If you want us to stay and play the game, please realize you went just too far with the changes. No one in my group is fighting....they have become traders even though they are terrific fighters. Is that what you intend Inno? If...
  3. Urgent request to development team

    Hi Innogames, I've been playing elvenar for quite a while now. I'm actually playing on 4 different servers in 4 different countries. My 'main' world is the one on the dutch server, where I have finished the orc-chapter a while ago, though in one other world I just entered the fairy chapter and...
  4. Ban and Boycott Elvenar

    The recent onslaught by the designers of Elvenar on our collective playing enjoyment deserves a united response from we the players. While the release of the orc research tree was in poor taste and drove players from the game, the new battle weights are oppressive. I propose a total ban on...