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Urgent request to development team

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Hi Innogames,

I've been playing elvenar for quite a while now. I'm actually playing on 4 different servers in 4 different countries. My 'main' world is the one on the dutch server, where I have finished the orc-chapter a while ago, though in one other world I just entered the fairy chapter and in the third and fourth I'm still in the dwarven chapter.

I enjoyed the game, but your recent 'updates' and 'improvements' have taken out most of the fun of the game. All fellowships I have set up or joined consist of active players. And all of those players encounter the same problems: no longer being able to scout, due to the fact that you, as developers, deem we have 'scouted too far ahead'
And where with some persistence and imaginative fighting it would at times be possible to defeat the troops in encounters in such provinces, your new battle system has completely removed any chance of that at all.
Actually, even in my main world, with all the squadsize improvements and the troops upgraded to the best possible version, it still is impossible for me to win any battles anymore.
Same goes for the tournaments. The fights there are no longer possible to win.
And for those players either IN the orcish chapter or having finished it, there is not much else to do.

I have been talking with quite a lot of the players in my fellowships and unless you make at the very least an announcement that things will be changed to be more rewarding for active players, I'm afraid most of these players will quit. Not take a break, but quit the game entirely. I already see this happening as in all fellowships we have lost players due to this.
I have no idea what the logic is behind making active players feel they are being punished for being active, and perhaps this was not your intention, but all players I have spoken with see it that way, myself included.
You might want to remember your players are your customers and the active players are the ones most likely to buy diamonds, thus supporting your company. By chasing them away in this manner you will only kill the goose with the golden egg.
In all 4 worlds I play in I see top players leaving. Not just in my own fellowships, but in others as well. I buy diamonds at times, but I regret to inform you that unless you make a clear statement to reform these changes I too will leave the game, in all worlds. And not only that, I'll leave Inno-games in other games as well, as it will be very clear that your focus no longer is on the wishes of your customers.

All in all, the orcish chapter was punishment enough in slowing down players. With several issues it is clear that your support team is not exactly supporting as their answers are of a level that is insulting to the ones filing a case.
This last change, where you effectively destroy players' ability to fight with any rate of success is the last straw for me and for many people with me.
I hope you will listen to this request and start listening to the comments of players on the forum. As a development team you may have the power to make changes any way you see fit, and can arrogantly use it, but you do not have the power to make people keep playing the game. And the way you are going on now is going to push people away from the game.


I agree with you, I am unable to win any fight after updation, and i used to believe that I am good at battles


Several of my fellowship are talking about the same thing-- and at this point I play two worlds but am ready to say good bye to the game. (which I purchase diamonds every month) Getting out of dwarves is going to kill me--- when you don't make progress it isn't fun anymore. The only thing that makes it better is an active fellowship but when you don't move ahead at all for months... what fun is that. You need to have something in place where players can take the challenges (like the summer solstice) that gives us extra stuff to help get through difficult areas. Now that I can't win my fights it doesn't seem worth it to even train troops. The last week I've been defeated more than won.
You are losing your base players here.
Not open for further replies.