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changes to the game

  1. Shakal5000

    Ancient Wonders Changes

    I have two suggestions for the ancient wonders, one for changing the game mechanics, and the other for a graphical change. 1 - Removal of Wonder levels in Tournament and Spire formula. (There is no official information about this, but the difference in difficulty is noticeable for those who...
  2. Shakal5000

    Veterans are leaving the game, why??

    There are two central reasons that are leading many players to stop playing, and recommend the game to friends and family, and both reasons are associated with changes in the tournament. 1st - The first and most important reason also happened because of the first change in tournaments. The good...
  3. Urgent request to development team

    I've been playing elvenar for a while now. I'm actually playing on 4 different servers in 4 different countries. My 'main' world is the one on the dutch server, where I have finished the orc-chapter a while ago, though in one other world I just entered the fairy chapter and in the third and...
  4. Tournaments

    From the international forum: Dear Elves and Humans, In the last InnoGames TV Episode Timon and Oliver granted you a sneak peek into our next big feature: Tournaments. Today we would like to inform you that we have already started the open beta phase for that feature on our Beta world. After...