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  1. Politically Incorrect AM Seeking Same for NKA!

    Greetings and salad dressings! Looking for more players to join any one of 3, even 4 fellowships by the name of NKA. This lazy recruitment is taking place in Arendyll, Ceravyn, Sinya Arda, and MUCH less involved, in Elcysandor. So, this shoutout will be duplicated in the forums. These FS are...
  2. SimplyNoble

    Fellowship tool. Let us see who is on line.

    It would be really useful to have some sort of indicator in the fellowship features were we could see who is currently on=line. Also if off-line ,when they were last active. It would help a lot with coordinating trades and knowing of anyone is around or when they are likely to be around to...
  3. "Keeblers Just for Fun" Looking for new members

    Kebblers is looking for a few active players that are interested in joining our FellowShip. We are looking for any level of player as long as you are committed in helping the FS grow by actively posting/taking trades, making visits and lending/asking for advise/help when needed. We are a very...
  4. Serenity of Extinction

    Do You Boost Marble? We are a Fellowship that puts all of our efforts into helping the new and lower level players. That is the reason this fellowship was created in the first place, and we still abide by that. +18 please. We want to enjoy the game and have fun without restrictions, but be...
  5. Cult of Cthulhu

    Strange Aeons is looking for casual to hardcore. All we ask is that you do visit our cities when you are on at least 4 times a week and that you make fair trades and often as you can.
  6. Chat Not Working

    Chat does not seem to be working in Keepers of Avalon in Winyandor. Looks like it does when you are not connected. Hindering playing the game quite a bit as my fellowship uses this feature a lot. chat now seems to be working. trader is not. :(