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"Keeblers Just for Fun" Looking for new members


Kebblers is looking for a few active players that are interested in joining our FellowShip. We are looking for any level of player as long as you are committed in helping the FS grow by actively posting/taking trades, making visits and lending/asking for advise/help when needed.

We are a very relaxed group, not strict on our requirements. We like to play our own game and grow our cities without all the drama and dictatorship that is found in many of the other Fellowships. Many of us are currently involved in the weekly tournaments. We are in high need of Plank, Silk and Dust boosted players, or access to neighbor trading those items. This will help closing the gap in our trade needs and make us a more rounded FS. We will consider all who apply regardless of size or boosts.

We do ask that you are active and if you are going to be away, to let someone in the group know. For players that we have not heard from or that do not progress in the game for two weeks or more, we will sent an "Active?" message to see if we get any response prior to any removal from the FS.

If you are looking for an FS to call home for a while, please check us out and either reply to this post or send a request to join. Search Keeblers in the Fellowship search or lilybrat in the player search to find us. Happy gaming, look forward to hearing from you.
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Looking for members to fill three more spots. Planks/Dust boosts are a plus