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  1. Like Eucalyptus? Hanging round in trees?

    You could be a Panda!! Join us in Panda*Monium. We have open spots due to game retirements - we wish our former pandas well as they depart the game - which is where we come to You! Are you relaxed enough in your dedication to playing for fun to join us in the trees? Apply at Panda-Monium
  2. Cayesavegan

    Traveling together in the TARDIS

    TARDIS Travelers is still looking for marble, crystal, and gems players if anyone needs a fellowship. We're pretty chill. KP exchange threads, decent tournament (6 chests) and spire participation (1st high halls), fair trades, chatty, daily neighbor help. We currently have 12 active players; so...
  3. Fun active fellowship seeking several players

    Still looking for one more new member..... Apply to: Fellowship of the Rings, US5, Elcysandir We are currently rated #9. We have been achieving 10 tournament chests per week for over a year and a half except for 2 weeks ago, we lost two good players over the last month. Most of us work the...
  4. LyndaKayY

    Harmonic Oasis recruiting for Active Tournament & Spire Players

    Harmonic Oasis We are looking for active tournament lovers and Spire lovers with a strong sense of teamwork who are well-established with a score of at least 750,000. Preferred boosts planks, silk & dust all others will be considered. We are a strong team oriented 10+ chest fellowship...
  5. ENCHANTED DESTINY looking for players of all Ch.'s

    We are Enchanted Destiny - a Mentor/Student Fellowship and Sister Fellowship to Enchanted Light a top 5, 10 chest, #1 FA champs. We've recently had students graduate and join some of the top Fellowships in E World! Now we're looking for some new players (of all levels) to join our Team. This...
  6. Dragon's Nest is looking for Active players boosted in Steel

    We are a drama free Fellowship to help new players learn, grow, and have fun playing the game. We talk about the aspects of the game and help each other with visits, trades and advice. We have players with all levels of experience. Need a question answer, we can answer it, and if we can't we...
  7. Dragon's Nest is looking for Active players boosted in Steel

    Dragon's Nest is looking for Active players boosted in Steel We are a drama free Fellowship to help new players learn, grow, and have fun playing the game. We talk about the aspects of the game and help each other with visits, trades and advice. We have players with all levels of experience...
  8. Jayla Wolf


    Heart of the Phoenix Fellowship is full in Elcysandir. Thanks for your interest! Jayla Wolf Archmage of Heart of the Phoenix Fellowship
  9. 25 Ladies Laughing

    Hello All! Whether you are new or have been around a long time, we are looking for ACTIVE players that like to Chat! We believe the game is fun and our fellowship will be a group of folks that like chatting, helping others, and competition. Check out "25 Ladies Laughing" fellowship for our...
  10. Lostone7


    If you have not found your new home yet, than today is the day ! We have one position left and we are seeking an individual who is Boosted in Crystal. Would prefer someone who is at 15000 or above. This is a active boosted good fellowship. We prefer players who play, visit members, and...
  11. Mystics of Elvenar is recruiting!

    The Mystics of Elvenar is a fellowship built on trust, respect, assistance and friendship. We’re here to help each other grow and succeed. We are a great team and we work with our neighboring fellowships to increase teamwork and support through the quests and challenges. We are currently...
  12. "Keeblers Just for Fun" Looking for new members

    Kebblers is looking for a few active players that are interested in joining our FellowShip. We are looking for any level of player as long as you are committed in helping the FS grow by actively posting/taking trades, making visits and lending/asking for advise/help when needed. We are a very...
  13. HaRenSaeYa, Too! seeking new members

    We are really a fun family of friends, helping each other to grow and enjoy our game. We enjoy doing the tournaments to boost our goods up to the 700% available! We do an Ancient Wonders round robin which is alot of fun... come check us out!
  14. High Ranked "ELVENAR`S PROTECTION" Seeks New Members

    We for sure have an Opening and perhaps another ! Hello Ruffe here- Our very Active, Fun, always learning, Daily Players Fellowship is seeking the same. All Boosts are welcome (except Dust-But for the right player i will adjust that) . Folks ,We are very active-we mostly Talk a lot, Learn a...
  15. Jayla Wolf

    Wings of Light has opening for 1

    Wings of Light is now full again. Thanks for your interest! I'll post if any other openings come up. :) Jayla Wolf Archmage of Wings of Light
  16. Suka13

    Killgharrah (dragons who rule)

    Are you looking for escape, adventure and place for great conversation without Drama? Welcome to Killgharrah, Dragons who rule the sky, caves and the deep. We currently hold 6th place! We are currently in need of Steel, Planks, SCROLLS & Dust...but mostly ACTIVE players for our awesome...
  17. Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Are you unable to find a fellowship that doesn't have a long list of demands and criteria to join? Do you just want to play the game and have fun, with more neighbors to visit? FSM is here for you! New, empty fellowship looking for other players who are interested in drama-free chat and gaining...
  18. High Ranked "ELVENAR`S PROTECTION" Has a OPENING !

    Looking for Active players All Boosts - (except Dust ) Will adjust boost for right player :) We have a player that has retired and looking to Replace . Score around 30000 to All the way Up !! Our FS. is very ACTIVE -Friendly,Helpful and 98% ARE are Daily Players !!!! "BONUS" +AW kp`s...
  19. DiMuTech Fellowship

    24 spots open......... I have started a city in this world and thought of having a fellowship for totally new players. I have cities in other worlds which are growing nicely but I have made mistakes and will probably continue to do so. Anyhow thought this fellowship could be a chance for...
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