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DiMuTech Fellowship


24 spots open.........

I have started a city in this world and thought of having a fellowship for totally new players. I have cities in other worlds which are growing nicely but I have made mistakes and will probably continue to do so. Anyhow thought this fellowship could be a chance for newbies to learn the ropes and develop until they feel they either want to move on to bigger challenges, or stay to help other new members.
Here you can ask advice. How best to start up and what to best focus on.

Only requirements are willingness to learn and to be active. We're looking for a minimum 4-5 visits/week but ideally drop in everyday would be great. This is a good habit to get into early as other fellowships will want your commitment.

All this will be conducted in a relaxed environment so you learn the enjoyments and fun of the game. Also the frustrations lol

So new players who want to play, not just join a Fellowship and never visit, apply. Simple as
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23 spots to fill
A group set up for newbie players who are not so well versed in the game. Build a city without pressure. Receive help with terminology and best way to expand. Learn about how to understand your boosted goods. Learn a good way to build your goods factories. ie learn from my mistakes. You then can choose to move on to a more thriving Fellowship when you feel you are ready. This is a stepping stone so you don't feel daunted and give up with the game.
This Fellowship is here to help you get into the groove of the Elvenar world
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