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Fun active fellowship seeking several players


Still looking for one more new member.....

Apply to: Fellowship of the Rings, US5, Elcysandir
We are currently rated #9. We have been achieving 10 tournament chests per week for over a year and a half except for 2 weeks ago, we lost two good players over the last month. Most of us work the spire also. Check us out! Read our overview first to see if it is something you would like.
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New Member
Good morning, I am seeking an active FS. One that actively tries to get better and willing to go after the 10th chest, amoung other FS adventures.

I am an active player, can do 1k+ in tournaments. My boosted are M,S,G. If interested lets have a conversation. Thanks for your consideration!


We are still looking for several players. We may show that we have 25 but there are two or three that we would like to get rid of that haven't been playing. Please private message me or the arch mage, rickhayes within the "Fellowship of the Rings". Thanks.