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  1. Minkari

    Black Pearl Rising has 1 spot!

    Greetings, We’re a fun, top 50 ranked, fellowship, no-drama, helpful and we’re looking for 1 active player of any size. We promote active, fun and friendly players. We don’t mandate participation, but if you’re looking to just park yourself and not play, we’re not the place to do that. We reach...
  2. Rowanda

    Do you strive to be the best? We do.

    Warring Souls, Felyndral, US3 is looking for 2 strong, active players. We'd like you to have a score around 300k and score 2000 pts in the tourney. Join us on our way to the top. Contact Warmaster12
  3. Ms Molly

    Active Player Wanted To Fill Our Ranks

    Minas Tirith - Tower Guard is looking for an active player who has one or more of these boosts: planks / crystal / magic dust. You do not have to be really big...chapter 3 or better is fine. We are a pretty young fellowship ourselves but have some very experienced players who have started new...
  4. Silver Lady

    The Gentry (Elcysandir) - Looking to Grow

    We are a small but active FS. If you are looking for an FS that is active and play in both Tourney & Spire but not demanding of participation level then we may be for you. If you are boosted in silk then all the better, but other boosts are accepted. If interested PM me either in game or in...
  5. Dragon weyr recruiting :)

    Hello all!! We are dragon weyr! We are currently looking to replace an inactive member or two. We are laid back, friendly, supportive, and most importantly active! We have no rules other then to remain active and grow your city. We are active in the tourny, spire and events (although they're not...
  6. Morien

    Lux Aurea is seeking ACTIVE Players

    We're a fun, friendly group that communicates regularly in Chat, as well as our private Discord server. We frequent 6–8 chests in tourneys, and make the occasional 10-chest push. We routinely finish all three maps in FAs. Participation in tourneys, spire, and FA's is always encouraged, but never...
  7. Fun active fellowship seeking several players

    Still looking for one more new member..... Apply to: Fellowship of the Rings, US5, Elcysandir We are currently rated #9. We have been achieving 10 tournament chests per week for over a year and a half except for 2 weeks ago, we lost two good players over the last month. Most of us work the...
  8. Recruiting For Elves of Twilight

    We are an active,friendly, and helpful mixed rank Fellowship seeking a single recruit. Although we have members of many different Ranks and Chapters, we are currently looking for a someone to be a Trade Partner for our other High Ranked players. Ideally, we are looking for someone with at...
  9. Dragon's Nest is looking for Active players boosted in Steel

    We are a drama free Fellowship to help new players learn, grow, and have fun playing the game. We talk about the aspects of the game and help each other with visits, trades and advice. We have players with all levels of experience. Need a question answer, we can answer it, and if we can't we...
  10. Dragon's Nest is looking for Active players boosted in Steel

    Dragon's Nest is looking for Active players boosted in Steel We are a drama free Fellowship to help new players learn, grow, and have fun playing the game. We talk about the aspects of the game and help each other with visits, trades and advice. We have players with all levels of experience...
  11. Jayla Wolf


    Heart of the Phoenix Fellowship is full in Elcysandir. Thanks for your interest! Jayla Wolf Archmage of Heart of the Phoenix Fellowship
  12. 25 Ladies Laughing

    Hello All! Whether you are new or have been around a long time, we are looking for ACTIVE players that like to Chat! We believe the game is fun and our fellowship will be a group of folks that like chatting, helping others, and competition. Check out "25 Ladies Laughing" fellowship for our...
  13. Active, Fun-Loving Competitors Welcomed

    Fair Trade Reborn is seeking a few active players to join our group of competitive, growing members. We do have a few requirements and a few preferences to help us all work together and support each other: Required: No drama. We are there to have fun. Please leave politics and strife for...
  14. Jayla Wolf


    Thanks for your interest. Wings of Light is now full. :) Jayla Wolf Archmage of Wings of Light
  15. FESTAL Learning Guild ARENDYLL for those who want to play

    Festal is a place for the new & learning, jovial, devoted, garrulous guild seeker. Members are encouraged to participate in chat, guild wide messaging, trades, building, and excelling the fellowship for the greater good of all fellows.:) Applicants must intend on playing regularly and be able...
  16. Active players with Marble boost wanted

    Fellowship "ShizzenGigglez" is looking to recruit one or more players with MARBLE boosts ... who are ACTIVE players. Midlevel or up preferred, but any level will be acceptable if they are ACTIVE MARBLE BOOSTS !
  17. SweetCentral seeking active trading members

    Hi y'all! We're an easy going fellowship of friendly, drama free, active, and "teaching/learning" members seeking new members. We help each other with our experience in each chapter, and cheer each other on. Boosts in planks, steel, scrolls, and crystals are especially needed, but all are...
  18. Malicorn Knights seeking active members

    You can search for Malicorn Knights, apply and I'll add you or comment below and I'll send you an invitation. I'm fairly new myself, I just started chapter II in Elcysandir. I still have a lot to learn in the game. I welcome newbies and experienced players who want to have fun playing the game...
  19. High Ranked "ELVENAR`S PROTECTION" Seeks New Members

    We for sure have an Opening and perhaps another ! Hello Ruffe here- Our very Active, Fun, always learning, Daily Players Fellowship is seeking the same. All Boosts are welcome (except Dust-But for the right player i will adjust that) . Folks ,We are very active-we mostly Talk a lot, Learn a...
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