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    Your Elvenar Team

Active Player Wanted To Fill Our Ranks

Ms Molly

Minas Tirith - Tower Guard is looking for an active player who has one or more of these boosts: planks / crystal / magic dust.

You do not have to be really big...chapter 3 or better is fine. We are a pretty young fellowship ourselves but have some very experienced players who have started new cities, because we happen to think the chapters 1 through 15 are the most fun. This means, we can answer newbie questions with experience despite being a newish fellowship. We are a "play as you want" fellowship with only two pretty easy to achieve rules:

1. Be active....i.e., your city is growing / not stagnant. The speed is up to you.
2. When you are in your city, give helping hands to all your fellowship mates.

Okay ....so you are worried about tourneys, the spire, and FAs... Not to worry! We do amazingly well for a team that is all "volunteer" participation in events of all types. We have earned bronzes in the spire, hitting about 7 chests every week, and we did an amazing job on the last FA....all on volunteer participation! Because we are actively growing our cities and everybody is doing what they know is best for their city and are happy about it (i.e., not feeling stressed due to high pressure), participation seems to flourish better than when hard and fast rules are the law. So...if you don't want to be told how far up the spire you have to get, or how many points you have to contribute in the tourney, etc. try us out! As noted above, we'd really love it if you have planks, crystal, and magic dust for boosts....but, even if you don't have any of those boosts and you are interested, send Ms Molly an in-game email. We want to hear from you! :)
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