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  1. EyeScream

    Steel, Crystal and Elixir - Where are you?

    Hello there, I have been playing this game for about 3 years. I have been in a few FS's along the way and recently decided to start my own. If it was not for the fact that I have some great people around me who I can trade with I don't know how I could manage the goods I need for myself and...
  2. Ms Molly

    Active Player Wanted To Fill Our Ranks

    Minas Tirith - Tower Guard is looking for an active player who has one or more of these boosts: planks / crystal / magic dust. You do not have to be really big...chapter 3 or better is fine. We are a pretty young fellowship ourselves but have some very experienced players who have started new...
  3. Summer Solstice Openings!

    We currently have openings for active players. Summer Solstice (formerly, Zenith) is an extremely active Fellowship (currently ranked 3rd), and our members place a lot of value on mutual support and in everyone making daily rounds. We require 80,000 points minimum, but are more flexible if you...
  4. Tanis-Wulf

    Looking for a Good Trading Fellowship?

    Mystic Dream Riders Fellowship is looking for a mid to upper level player with a boost in Magic Dust or Elixer (on the third tier), Scrolls or Silk (on the second tier) and Planks or Steel (on the first tier). If you have a good production of these items and are an active near-daily player then...
  5. Build the Best

    Once upon a time in a mystical world in the land of Elvenar a fellowship was recruiting active elves and humans to form the Best Fellowship Ever. Beautiful cities flourished under this fellowship as the people of the land discovered the mysteries of Elvenar. Our purpose is to help our...
  6. Seeking boosted in Marble, Crystal & Gems

    Fleur de Lis is globally ranked at 32 & currently seeking a new member boosted in Marble, Crystal & Gems but willing to accept 1st & 2nd tier boosts with 3rd tier being whatever. Those interested please send a brief message of boosts when applying. Thank you in advance...
  7. Seeking Boosted in Marble, Crystal & Elixir

    Fleur de Lis is currently seeking an active player boosted in Marble, Crystal & Elixir. Please include a brief message of # of days active to poetic journey or Tiapan. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hard Grafters Too

    We have 3 place free we are looking for players with these boosts. Marble, crystal, potions, silk, gems taking even newbies if they have these boosts. We are friendly talkative and lots of trade guild. Welcome.
  9. Female Only Fellowship Seeking Crystal Boosted Member

    Good afternoon! I'm a member of a lovely fellowship called "Alaterial Ancalimon" which stands for Loyal Friends. We pride ourselves on being an all female fellowship that is respectful, helpful, supportive, and understanding. Most of our members are working wives and mothers. We understand that...
  10. Lunitcs with Weapons

    We need marble, crystal, magic dust and gems if you have 1 or more of these things boosted and would like to join us, drop me a note. :) Kyttycat We are active people who visit at least three times a week. We set fair trades, a. k. a. 1 for 1 same tier goods, 1 to 4 ratio for one tier...