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We currently have openings for active players. Summer Solstice (formerly, Zenith) is an extremely active Fellowship (currently ranked 3rd), and our members place a lot of value on mutual support and in everyone making daily rounds.

We require 80,000 points minimum, but are more flexible if you meet some of these characteristics:
1) boosted in marble (crystal also needed)
2) are active and want to move up the rankings -- city development must be important to you
3) want to play in a top alliance that focuses on team development and goals
4) fast builder with diamond use

We have clean, friendly chat, we participate in tourneys, and we have lots of goods for trades.

Please PM any Mage or Archmage if interested. Please don't bother asking if you are not a daily player. We want to help some folks develop, but takes daily play to get ahead. If you are active and serious, we welcome your interest.

Thanks, Pineapple Joe - for Summer Solstice
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4) fast builder with diamond use
I'll start buying more Lottery tickets :)