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active players

  1. Looking for Active Players

    Looking for active players for Nobel Dragon Kingdom. Must have a score of 100K or higher able to score 1500 a week in tournament and participate in the Spire of Eternity. We are building a 10 chest a week fellowship. Serious players only please mail MadMax99X
  2. Welcome to the Gates of Ironforge!

    Seeking players to join on the ground floor of a new Fellowship Support and help craft our realm! Active, adventurous, traders and gamers of any level need apply.
  3. Jayla Wolf


    Heart of the Phoenix Fellowship is full in Elcysandir. Thanks for your interest! Jayla Wolf Archmage of Heart of the Phoenix Fellowship
  4. Jayla Wolf


    WINGS OF LIGHT IS NOW FULL! Thanks for your interest! If we have openings again we will post them. If you have any questions, feel free to message me in-game. :) Jayla Wolf Archmage of Wings of Light
  5. Summer Solstice Openings!

    We currently have openings for active players. Summer Solstice (formerly, Zenith) is an extremely active Fellowship (currently ranked 3rd), and our members place a lot of value on mutual support and in everyone making daily rounds. We require 80,000 points minimum, but are more flexible if you...
  6. Chronicles of Narnia - New fellowship

    Happy, active and drama free group... Looking for active players to trade and have fun with. If you wish to apply please have a trader, enjoy this game, and be willing to help fellow members by visiting them 2 or 3 times a week. (Most of our members play daily, but this is not a requirement...
  7. Lostone7


    If you have not found your new home yet, than today is the day ! We have one position left and we are seeking an individual who is Boosted in Crystal. Would prefer someone who is at 15000 or above. This is a active boosted good fellowship. We prefer players who play, visit members, and...
  8. Here We Go FS Seeking Very Active Members

    FS Name has been changed: Here We Go Easy going and friendly fellowship created for the purpose of being able to help out our fellow members with neighborly help at least 4x a week and good trades. Tournaments are also encouraged. We also have recently started a forum outside the game. All...
  9. Lostone7


    Hello ! If your reading this thread we hope that you're looking for a new family/ home / fellowship to live in . Trader's Rest Fellowship is currently seeking , Active Daily Playing, Chatty, Happy People who want to play & have fun. We are a Boosted Fellowship, who work as a team. We...
  10. Lostone7


    :):):):):):):)Trader's Rest Fellowship on Arendyll US 1 server is seeking 5 Players who love working in a TEAM ORIENTED Boosted Goods Fellowship. Requirements are those needing to find a new home in a friendly, team oriented environment. We are a Boosted Goods driven fellowship, who are...
  11. Boosted only and Active fellowship

    Hi I'm looking for a boosted only group were the members are active I mean 5-7 days a week ok maybe 4 times a week....I'm active more like 7 days a week...ok I'm addicted....My name is key39 and I'm an addict...lol It would help if you have an active chat room... this is a game breaker......if...
  12. Frontline and the Shadow Recruiting!

    Frontline and the Shadow is currently recruiting! We are looking for active players that want to join and amazing group of people. We are happy with helping even if you are a lower level player, though we do ask that you at least have made it to having a trader :). Check it out our rules and...
  13. Seeking ACTIVE members for active FS

    Our fellowship needs to grow! Come one come all... If you like to play and fair trade we are looking for active members! Please contact the "FS o/t Ring2-recruiting" or email fallskye directly.
  14. High Ranked "ELVENAR`S PROTECTION" Seeks New Members

    We for sure have an Opening and perhaps another ! Hello Ruffe here- Our very Active, Fun, always learning, Daily Players Fellowship is seeking the same. All Boosts are welcome (except Dust-But for the right player i will adjust that) . Folks ,We are very active-we mostly Talk a lot, Learn a...
  15. Jayla Wolf

    Wings of Light has opening for 1

    Wings of Light is now full again. Thanks for your interest! I'll post if any other openings come up. :) Jayla Wolf Archmage of Wings of Light
  16. High Ranked "ELVENAR`S PROTECTION" Has a OPENING !

    Looking for Active players All Boosts - (except Dust ) Will adjust boost for right player :) We have a player that has retired and looking to Replace . Score around 30000 to All the way Up !! Our FS. is very ACTIVE -Friendly,Helpful and 98% ARE are Daily Players !!!! "BONUS" +AW kp`s...
  17. SpiritWarriors are Recruiting!

    Greetings citizens of Elvenar, and welcome to the realm of the Spirit Warriors! Spirit Warriors is a fellowship of kind, helpful, and considerate people promoting the spirit of true fellowship within the realm. This means, that while we maximize all that the game may provide to us as...
  18. "Elvenar`s Protection " SEEKS Active and daily Players

  19. Nights of Andoria - Newly formed seeking members

    [Nights of Andoria] is a newly formed fellowship seeking officers and active but casual members. We’re going to keep it simple to start. Visit other members multiple times per week to give cultural bonuses, builder bonuses, etc. Trades should be made equitably to help us grow. New players...
  20. Oak Leaf Clan seeking active players

    Hi everyone, We're having a really difficult time getting members who are active -- at least 4 visits a week, but I do 7. Only other requirement is posting 2 (or even better 3) star trades when you can. Interested? Contact me. Thanks, Emira