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SpiritWarriors are Recruiting!


Greetings citizens of Elvenar, and welcome to the realm of the Spirit Warriors!

Spirit Warriors is a fellowship of kind, helpful, and considerate people promoting the spirit of true fellowship within the realm. This means, that while we maximize all that the game may provide to us as individuals, we in turn help our teammates, which further builds community. That means, all you need build is your boosted factories, and let us take care of all your other trade needs. Through collaboration, we are all made stronger, and are united as a fellowship.

We greatly value active game play, regular participation in neighborly help (at least 5 times a week), sharing our resources (only same Tier trades at a 2-3 star level), and our experience and knowledge to benefit fellow Warriors. The goal is to grow individually, and, as a fellowship.

The Spirit Warriors now have an opening, or two, for established players that fit the spirit of our fellowship...friendly, helpful. great traders, and enjoy the value of community.

As an active fellowship, currently ranking #24, please note (at minimum) that you should have a personal rank of 2000 or better, or a personal score of more than 40K

All new players are put on a 3 week trial period, to be sure that the "fit" is good for both player and fellowship.

Perhaps your sojourn is over, and you will find your home with the Spirit Warriors!