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Boosted only and Active fellowship


New Member

I'm looking for a boosted only group were the members are active I mean 5-7 days a week ok maybe 4 times a week....I'm active more like 7 days a week...ok I'm addicted....My name is key39 and I'm an addict...lol
It would help if you have an active chat room...

this is a game breaker......if you are a boosted only group then most members should be participating
in the tournaments......so I want to know how many member are using the tournaments to upgrade their boost..? How many gold hands do you see daily....currently my group is doing around 10 gold hands with a membership of 23....I'm boosted in marble, crystal and elixir...all are in production....also I'm human....only serious mages should respond... also if your group has a wonder program that will be a plus


Hi key39, I am Lostone7, and I am the Archmage of Trader's Post. Right now I am in the middle of finding Addicts for the Fellowship. We do have some very active members but we are down to 17 players at this time. We are looking for someone who is Team oriented, Love to work in a Boosted Fellowship, Is active in Tournements, Is boosted in Marble, Crystal and Elixer, & we have a show of 15 gold hands our of 17 players a day.
What I need to know is what chapter you are in, do you have a great personality, and want to call your new fellowship your home ;) We all love the game, and are growing. Come check us out !!! Daily visits and fair trading 2-3 star is required at least 5 times a week but 7 is Fab and more is Awesome !!!! I think you need us !