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summer solstice

  1. How I would design these events

    I hate any free-to-play (F2P) model that intentionally places beneficial game items out of reach and requires a cash transaction (I'm looking at you Grand Prize 3). I believe any F2P game should only use cash transactions for cosmetic items, impatient players, and possibly convenience, but that...
  2. Summer Solstice Openings!

    We currently have openings for active players. Summer Solstice (formerly, Zenith) is an extremely active Fellowship (currently ranked 3rd), and our members place a lot of value on mutual support and in everyone making daily rounds. We require 80,000 points minimum, but are more flexible if you...
  3. Just won Endless Excavation Rune Shards. Where are they?

    Hello. I need help please. I just won Endless Excavation x3 rune shards in the Summer Solstice campaign by earning moon splinters and opening a chest. I cannot find them anywhere in inventory, etc. Not sure what they are for, where they are, or how to use them. Thank you. ~ SylverWillow