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Recruiting - Lost Unicorns


New Member
Come join the Lost Unicorns (Recruiting - Lost Unicorns) on Khelonaar, US4. We are an active but laid back group, slowly moving up the ranks; currently overall ranked at 151. We cooperatively participate in the tournaments each week (earning those 10 chests and the bonuses), and in every Fellowship Adventure.

The Lost Unicorns are a friendly, helpful, cooperative, NO Drama fellowship. We help new folks with questions, and we are a haven for those who have been around the block a few times and want an essentially no minimum scores, no rules - only expectations to play, group.

We do only want active players and we really need folks boosted in Marble, Crystal and Gems, but if you are playing regularly and willing to participate in all the group/fellowship activity, then we will definitely consider you. Inquiries can be directed to the Archmage StormwindCA, or to Mage Larsolas, or Mage George the Greater (or to all 3).

Want to participate in the upcoming Fellowship Adventure? Come join us before the event starts Thursday October 6. IF you are already in a fellowship you will need to reach out to us for acceptance, then with our yes, leave your current fellowship, requesting us to add you.

If you want to know more, come check out our about page and take a look at our stats and expectations. Have fun playing!