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laid back

  1. Silver Lady

    The Gentry (Elcysandir) - Looking to Grow

    We are a small but active FS. If you are looking for an FS that is active and play in both Tourney & Spire but not demanding of participation level then we may be for you. If you are boosted in silk then all the better, but other boosts are accepted. If interested PM me either in game or in...
  2. New player? Old Player? Need a fellowship? I WANT YOU!

    So. Let me guess. You're new to the game, huh? Are you Lonely? Have you wasted half your time questing pursuing the sins of Orgrimmar? Blasting the other guilds of Eorzea? Doing....whatever it is you do in Guild Wars? ... Are you sitting at your computer, naked, drinking beer?... (Cause that's...
  3. New player? Need a fellowship? We got ya....

    **Please delete**
  4. "Keeblers Just for Fun" Looking for new members

    Kebblers is looking for a few active players that are interested in joining our FellowShip. We are looking for any level of player as long as you are committed in helping the FS grow by actively posting/taking trades, making visits and lending/asking for advise/help when needed. We are a very...
  5. Genesis Always Accepting Members

    We are Genesis of Arendyll... :):p;):rolleyes::Do_O We are a fairly established fellowship, just a couple months old, with 18 members so far and at the moment the highest score is 16857, with an overall rank of 3795. We're still growing our cities so none of us have the big spectacular...
  6. New fellowship seeking laid back members

    I formed a new fellowship "Mothertruckers USA" to make a home for myself and other players who feel pressured to meet the demands when in a traditional fellowship. Rules: 1: While I am obviously a truck driver and no stranger to vulgarity, please keep it to a dull roar to accommodate younger...