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So. Let me guess. You're new to the game, huh? Are you Lonely? Have you wasted half your time questing pursuing the sins of Orgrimmar? Blasting the other guilds of Eorzea? Doing....whatever it is you do in Guild Wars?

... Are you sitting at your computer, naked, drinking beer?... (Cause that's kinda creepy...)

Do you feel the urge to get up and send me 10G?! Because I'd be totally okay with that. (Just putting that out there.....)*wink*

Whelp, The Ministry of Chaos **ominous laughter and scary music** is recruiting. But YOU can't join it. **Unless you want to join a group that doesn't discriminate against new players, likes to cuss, and cause general shenanigans**

Yes, we're looking for the worst of the best of the worst! We're not a fun fellowship at all, and we're seeking more members that aren't you, or anyone affiliated with you!

We actually have a fellowship rule that one of our members must be ignored at all times for you to be allowed to speak in Fellowship Chat! Hooray emotional abuse!

I MIGHT let you join. If you bring me offerings. Virgin sacrifices and cookies. And maybe a moose.

**Dislclaimer mumbojumno:

This is a NEW Fellowship. I've come from Arendyll to escape the blah blah blah "follow our rules or you're getting kicked out" shtick. I'm looking for people to help LEAD and people who like to follow. I don't care about how many points you have or what your score it. I don't care if you're a fighter or a farmer. I want people that will be willing to help grow this fellowship into the at least a Top 10. <3

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