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  1. Minkari

    BPR Recruiting (1-3)

    Greetings, Black Pear Rising (BPR) is recruiting! We’re a fun, fellowship, no-drama, helpful and we’re looking for 1-3 active players of any size. We promote active, fun and friendly players. We don’t mandate participation, but if you’re looking to just park yourself and not play, we’re not...
  2. Recruiting For Elves of Twilight

    We are an active,friendly, and helpful mixed rank Fellowship seeking a single recruit. Although we have members of many different Ranks and Chapters, we are currently looking for a someone to be a Trade Partner for our other High Ranked players. Ideally, we are looking for someone with at...
  3. New player? Old Player? Need a fellowship? I WANT YOU!

    So. Let me guess. You're new to the game, huh? Are you Lonely? Have you wasted half your time questing pursuing the sins of Orgrimmar? Blasting the other guilds of Eorzea? Doing....whatever it is you do in Guild Wars? ... Are you sitting at your computer, naked, drinking beer?... (Cause that's...
  4. Jayla Wolf


    Heart of the Phoenix Fellowship is full in Elcysandir. Thanks for your interest! Jayla Wolf Archmage of Heart of the Phoenix Fellowship
  5. New player? Need a fellowship? We got ya....

    **Please delete**
  6. Jayla Wolf


    Thanks for your interest. Wings of Light is now full. :) Jayla Wolf Archmage of Wings of Light
  7. City of Fairies Seeking Dedicated Players

    We are a great group with common goals in this game. We are currently seeking 5 players whose boosts are Steel, Planks, Scrolls, Silk, Magic Dust and Elixir. Everyone in this fellowship is friendly and willing to visit other members on a daily basis and make trades on a daily basis. Our city...
  8. No longer Recruiting...

    WE ARE NO LONGER RECRUITING!!! If you would like to join us, send a message to ElwoodofArdmore. We may find room for you. To be considered... Player must be Ranked in Top 800 with a score of 70K or More and Enjoy playing almost DAILY. It helps to be a good fit with our needs for Goods...
  9. Fellowship Of The Long Ears

    Fellowship of the Long Ears is a friendly and active group and we are currently seeking three new active members to join us. We actively trade and ask that every one visits at least three times a week (more if you can). This is our only rule. We play for fun and don't have a long list of...