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Genesis Always Accepting Members


We are Genesis of Arendyll...
We are a fairly established fellowship, just a couple months old, with 18 members so far and at the moment the highest score is 16857, with an overall rank of 3795. We're still growing our cities so none of us have the big spectacular upgrades-- yet!

Most of us are daily players and those who are not daily players are at least on several times per week. We don't really take things way too seriously, we're just building our cities at a leisurely pace. It's not a competition or a race, and we all understand that real life happens and sometimes visits and trades can't be done.

We really only ask that our members have a trader, visit as often as possible- when possible, and put at least 2-star trades up as often as possible. There are a few of us that are pretty active in the chat box, asking for trades and game talk, but it is not required that you actually chat as long as you're helping out in other ways.

If you're interested in being a part of an easy going, laid back fellowship then please feel free to message me or any of my Mages or ambassadors with your boosted goods, or just simply apply and you will most likely be accepted right away or very soon afterwards! :)
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