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Politically Incorrect AM Seeking Same for NKA!


Greetings and salad dressings!

Looking for more players to join any one of 3, even 4 fellowships by the name of NKA. This lazy recruitment is taking place in Arendyll, Ceravyn, Sinya Arda, and MUCH less involved, in Elcysandor. So, this shoutout will be duplicated in the forums.

These FS are all growing, in a way that suits us best. There truly is no drama but if someone has something to say, they say it and we're all good.
Oh right, that's not happened yet.... Cos that standard admin reply of "Do it privately", to create the illusion of perfect harmony never works. Fight it out!. LOL. There would be no “drama” if fellowships did what they said and meant. (Let the comments begin!)...

Keep in mind, I WELCOME chat about politics. I am politically INCORRECT. Interested in people's thoughts. I want only active people, that will probably be here every day and have a passion for the game (and pretty scenery)! I am a Northern Yankee, if that means anything to you...

Come on over. At least check it out, see if it suits you and grab a little conversation if you're so inclined and when we're around. I am retired from the job, in limbo musically so, this is my focus for the last year and a half or so. I am just recently semi-actively recruiting people, with no obligation to stay if does not suit you. We're getting around 4 chests weekly now and bronze in the Spire each week in 3 of 4 of the FS.

I am NOT interested in your grandchildren, I have my own. I am a musician so I welcome all fellow musicians and lovers of Monty Python and Mel Brooks.

Should this interest you, there's always cookies and brownies at 4:20... ;)
Gumby Brothers.jpg
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