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  1. How do you make Copper Coins?

    How do you make Copper Coins?
  2. Golden Abyss every 3 hrs?

    I just activated my Golden Abyss. Says I'm to get 7,500 coins every 3 hrs. I did not log out, but 3 hrs. later, I did not have any coins. It started working while I was on the site. It only gives coins when you are actively using the site? If the computer is just sleeping, it doesn't work...
  3. Trade Coins for Supplies

    Surely I can't be the first to suggest this. If you have a bucket load of coins and not so much supplies. It would be nice to be able to buy some supply points.
  4. Coins and Supplies Disappearing

    Hello - Last night, I got an error message and the game reloaded. When it finished reloading, I had lost about 50,000 coins or so - I was suddenly at 0. Then, today, it happened again - except this time I had lost all my supplies, several thousand, and was suddenly at 0. I had a problem the...
  5. 'Loot all' Option

    It would be nice to have "loot all coins" and "loot all supplies" buttons. Or when you loot one, you loot them all. Clicking on each one seems to be tough. I'm always clicking on the wrong thing. Only a day into the game so maybe it just takes some getting used to.
  6. Missing Coins

    I'm a new player and I was upgrading a lv 3 residence to lv 4. I only had a little over 22K coins but the upgrade was way less than that. As soon as I clicked to upgrade, I got an error message about an internal error. My coins were zeroed completely out and the upgrade didn't happen. I was...
  7. Trade coins and supplies for goods

    When trading goods, it would be great if you could offer coins and supplies as something to trade with. I understand that we can buy goods from the Trader, but we cannot do the opposite. It could be a set price so you could not ask for a ridiculous amount. Possibly base the cost on how much it...
  8. Have Made Game Too Tedious and Difficult

    I am an Archmage in Winyandor. I have been playing daily since late August or early September. My fellowship is in the top 75 in my world. Many of my players, myself included, are getting ready to quit the game. You have made it almost impossible to advance, to build, to have enough goods to...