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fellowship openings

  1. 'Arrr We're Pirates' Has Openings

    Updated 4/10/16 - All are welcome, beginners and experienced. We currently have two openings for folks who will commit to doing help visits at least three times a week. If you're a beginner, our group is extremely helpful. We have a very active chat, although participation in chat is certainly...
  2. Poor Fellows

    We are looking for a couple of players. With silk and Gems as boosts. We would prefer someone in their third or even second tier. No points requirement for joining or maintaining membership. NO diamond purchases necessary, but not forbidden, either. We do require 4-5 Neighborly Visits a week...
  3. Seeking Marble or Planks/Crystal/Gems Producers

    Hi there! World Funeral fellowship is seeking active neighborly members. Our fellowship pledge is: Offer daily neighborly help, or at least 3x times weekly obliging town preferences. Actively produce your boosted goods. Fair trades; no one star trades. Post & accept trades as often as...
  4. The Forgotton are seeking active members.

    We have a few spots left open and are accepting applicants, preferably with STEEL Boosts . Please apply. Our goal is not focused on being number 1, But we do wish to grow and have fun through neighborly visits (minimum 4-5 times a week), and fair trades (2 or 3 stars). No diamond purchases...
  5. 'Arr We're Pirates' Fellowship

    NEW 3/7/16: We Have Openings! All are welcome. We're looking for active members new or experienced who do fellowship help rounds 3 times a week or more and hopefully have a sense of humor. Our chat room is very busy and our members are seriously nuts. Come visit 'Arr We're Pirates' in...
  6. Fellowship fringe benefit- "pls.Let me know what you think"

    I think it would be a good idea to REDUCE the amount of TIME - that Felloship Members can visit each other. Instead of 24 hours --make it 12 hours or 16 at least! This would be a good incentive BONUS for a Fellowship to bring in non-Fellowship folk , as well as keeping members active and...
  7. Vendible Bards seeking active players

    All spots currently filled! Welcome to our new members! Will post again if new spots become open. For now, have fun and enjoy your game! :)