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squad size

  1. Farinx

    Squad Size effects - comprehensive list

    Hi I was looking for a list of everything squad size affects (for the purpose of evaluating research of optional SS upgrades) and this is all I could find: - Increases your own troop size when fighting reqular encounters in map provinces (thereby making fights easier) - increases troop...
  2. Spire of Eternity Sqaud size test

    Iv been doing a few tests lately in my two cities to compare a higher squad size vs lower squad size in combat. - Of course my ultimate first objective is to be able to do my 2500~ points tourney and all spire fighting.. and be able to fully retrain my army by the next weeks new spire/tourney...
  3. Problems for all newcomers creating cities.

    I happen to be lucky to belong to 2 different fellowships that are helpful in so many ways. I am fairly new to your game. I have some questions that maybe you can answer: 1. Can't win battles, impossible odds. Older members in the game don't fight they negotiate. They tell you not to fight...
  4. Need help

    I am new to this game and I really enjoy playing it. I have payed here and there for diamonds and other features but I still cant figure out how to increase my squad size or how to recover their strength. Just this morning I purchased more diamonds and spent it all trying to recover my squads...
  5. tech tree swapping locks unlocked tech

    post update i have a number of techs im working on that are now locked either there should be a cache of KP dumped into the game or the now locked techs should be unlocked https://www.dropbox.com/s/5tlowlmfyt9mycr/Screenshot%202016-10-12%2009.33.11.png?dl=0 this is a should not design a deck...