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Squad Size effects - comprehensive list


Active Member
Hi I was looking for a list of everything squad size affects (for the purpose of evaluating research of optional SS upgrades) and this is all I could find:

- Increases your own troop size when fighting reqular encounters in map provinces (thereby making fights easier)
- increases troop generation from some wonders (Dwarven Bulwark, Shrewdy Shrooms, Flying Academy, Temple of Toads, Pyramid of Purification)
- increases troops gained from troop instants
- Increases cost of Guard badge for FA

Is there anything else I've missed, however small? Thanks in advance :)
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The Dwarven bulwark also increases your training size based on squad size (instead of armories like the Shrooms).

The true difficulty of a map encounter (the troops and negotiation cost) is based only on ring number, number of scoutings you have performed, advanced scout researches, and scout's tavern wonder level. The difficulty tier displayed (very easy, easy, medium, hard...) also includes your squad size (but not other factors such as wonder and event building boosts to troops or researches that increase the number of stars for them).


Oh Wise One
@Farinx Do not underestimate the troop generation potential of the AWs. Once you level them up some, they produce pretty nice amounts of troops. Especially if you are diligent about collecting on a regular basis from them. And when you unlock a new squad size increase, it is going to increase the output from every one of the troop making AWs you have. I currently have 4 of the 5 troop generating AWs and I smile every time I unlock a squad size increase tech because I know it means more free troops for me every 3 hours.