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  1. Adain Dywyll

    Trading - Allow player to set number of offers

    Hello, I would like to see an addition to the trading process that would allow you the set "Your Offer - Your Want" and then choose how many of these offers to post. I.E. Offer 10k Marble for 10k Plank and post it 12 times BENEFIT: Many people hate to post trades because it takes too long to...
  2. ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    QUESTION So has anyone, besides myself, ever made a bad trade and been unable to undo the trade? Recently I lost 1000s of goods I'd accumulated because I clicked too fast. And once clicked, there is NO undo. SITUATION Ever so often it would be nice to be able to undo a bad trade or not make...
  3. Cayesavegan

    We need you!

    Fortunate Sons is recruiting and we could really use some players who want to trade and play the tournament. We've lost some of our active members and cut out the inactives. We're half full and could accept a small fellowship merge if anyone is interested. We reeeally need silk boosted players...
  4. Recruiting For Elves of Twilight

    We are an active,friendly, and helpful mixed rank Fellowship seeking a single recruit. Although we have members of many different Ranks and Chapters, we are currently looking for a someone to be a Trade Partner for our other High Ranked players. Ideally, we are looking for someone with at...
  5. Tanis-Wulf

    Looking for a Good Trading Fellowship?

    Mystic Dream Riders Fellowship is looking for a mid to upper level player with a boost in Magic Dust or Elixer (on the third tier), Scrolls or Silk (on the second tier) and Planks or Steel (on the first tier). If you have a good production of these items and are an active near-daily player then...
  6. Malicorn Knights seeking active members

    You can search for Malicorn Knights, apply and I'll add you or comment below and I'll send you an invitation. I'm fairly new myself, I just started chapter II in Elcysandir. I still have a lot to learn in the game. I welcome newbies and experienced players who want to have fun playing the game...
  7. RANKED 11TH *Elvenar`s Protection* is Seeking -

    Looking for a Active player All Boosts - (except Dust) Will adjust boosts for right player :) We have a player that has retired and looking to match. Score around 30000 to 60000 pls. Our FS. is very active -friendly,Helpful and WE ARE are Daily Players !!!! "BONUS" +AW kp`s swap/strong...
  8. Trading Post~is it still up n running?

    Haven't heard anything about the Trading FS for a long time and was wondering if there is still one? Thanks!
  9. Inter-Fellowship Bulk Trading

    My Fellowship in Elcysandir has an over-abundance of Magic Dust. Looking for another Fellowship interested in a bulk trade of up to 200K in Magic Dust for an equal amount of Elixir. You can reply here or send an in-game message to WickedShads.
  10. A Few Ideas, comments requested

    I have a few ideas on dealing with some of the issues confronting both The game developers and their customers, You and me. The first issue is player retention and lost players on the map. Change the Help screen to add The Wiki to Support and Forum, why should I have to google Elvenar wiki ...
  11. One improvement to an annoying interface

    Hello all, This being my first post on the forums i thought, naturally i'd make it a good one and complain about something ;) Specifically im talking about UX in regards to accepting trades. Why can i not see how many goods i currently have stored on the accept trades screen? It's pretty...
  12. Keepers of Avalon Seeking Advanced Gem Boosted Members

    We are an active, friendly Fellowship that works together for each others benefit. We are currently in need of an ACTIVE player with an advanced boost in Gems. Please read Fellowship Description before applying. Fellowship rankings are not our main priority, though we are ranked at 61...
  13. Fair Trading & Fellowships

    Out of curiosity - How do folks handle fellowship members who aren't posting fair trades? And what are your thoughts when you see unbalanced trades such as basic to crafted at a 1:1 ratio? Thanks for the input.