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  1. Upgrading buildings

    I play using the APP about 99% of the time. The added function of hiding the buildings greatly enhanced the play of the game for it made rearranging the city so much easier. I have some difficulty finding buildings being upgraded. I am asking when buildings are hidden, that buildings being...
  2. Darielle

    Research Buttons in Manufactories

    Often when I am in a manufactory building, I click on the "upgrade" button and there is a button that says "Research." That tells me I cannot upgrade until I research more. But when I click on the research button, it takes me to my current level of research, and I have to hunt through the next...
  3. Gems Manufactory Upgrade - Bug?

    This issue is already confirmed as a bug in another thread. https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/12745-costs-skyrocketed-for-manufactories.5772/ Just noticed a possible bug this morning. When upgrading a Gems Manufactory from level 9 to 10, it requires 930 people? Game version...
  4. Lost Main Hall Upgrade in progress

    I don't understand what just happened. It said something about the stream being interrupted and restarted the game. Suddenly, my Main Hall is no longer in the process of upgrading. Nor do I have a sudden windfall of money from canceling it (as I would imagine might happen). The other things...
  5. cleverphox

    City Expansions after Main Hall Upgrade

    Game version: _v1.18.7-(f0301c9) (2016-11-23 10:27)_ Game world: _Arendyll_ Browser + version: _Internet Explorer 11.447.14393.0_ Flash Player version: _23.0.0.207_ Operating System: _Windows 10 Pro_ Screen resolution: _1920 x 1080_ Account name: _Cleverphox_ Humans or Elves: _Humans_...
  6. Letter to DEVS ?

    Anyone wants to write to devs with a letter or a petition? The new battle system is frustrationg a lot of members. And the Wholesaler will change in a bad way in few days or weeks...
  7. Illogical to lose culture when upgrading

    Maybe has been discussed before but I think it is illogical to lose culture points when upgrading a building. You upgrade to have a higher production, but are punished by losing culture points which affects the production rate. Surely upgrading shouldn't lose culture as your are in essence...
  8. Builder's Hut

    Is there anyways to upgrade the Builder's Hut besides the diamond method?
  9. Neighborly/Guild Help Interface Overhaul

    So I have been playing Elvenar for a little bit now, but I mostly play Forge of Empires. One of the reasons I prefer Forge of Empires is that I am able to aid my neighbors and guild members without having to visit each person. I can, and there are benefits to visiting each one that don't apply...
  10. Upgrade a house beyond level 3

    I'm trying to upgrade a house to level four but it tells me to to research and then I can't find anything about it in research. What am I missing?
  11. Addressing land/expansion issues

    I currently cannot expand anymore.Therefore I can't build more or increase ranking. I have two ideas for this. One is to expand to a 10x10 grid. Will help somewhat for a while. The second is to have upgrades that shrink buildings and allow upgrades of cultural buildings. Higher ranked...
  12. Rotate the city to better see our space

    WOuld it be possible to allow us to rotate the city so we can better see the little spots that may go unseen? I have been having problems with random pieces of footpath showing up between houses that I can't sell or move. It took me several days to have enough room to move the house in front...
  13. Upgraded Elven Residences Getting Ugly

    Why are the upgraded Elven residences getting uglier each time? They used to be pretty, now I don't even want to upgrade mine.