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  1. Cayesavegan

    Anyone want to merge?

    Got a few players left in a dying guild? Merge with us! We could really use some players with marble, planks, silk, and gems. We are currently scoring at least 5 chests on the tournament but with some help we can get more. We take lower level players too but we could really use some established...
  2. Hello Hello!

    I am fairly new to the game and am brand new to the forum! I look forward to meeting people here and growing my fellowship! If interested, check it out. It is Kirusha Clan RECRUITING! in Winyandor. YogaGoober
  3. Festal

    Festal is a teaching guild for new players in Winyandor. We are looking for new to the game players. We want to encourage and help new players and young cities to thrive. Taking these guild members under our wings to understand the benefit a fellowship and that camaraderie is the key to our...
  4. Fierce Kittens rank 45 Fellowship needs YOU!

    Are you a player who has been looking for a home with a view? Then come to Fierce Kittens! We have some amazing canyon views and some super friendly neighbors. We're currently searching for a player who has boosts in marble, crystal, and gems. Gems are the most preferable of the three. We as a...
  5. G.O.H. Seeking Members

    COME JOIN THE FUN in Winyandor Seeking members to join active trading, neighborly help, and development of boosted factories in an effort to develop and grow as individuals and as a group. Being active in the trader, and regular neighborly help is of primary importance. So we open our arms to...
  6. Elvhenan Has Openings :)

    Elvhenan, meaning "place of our people" in the elven language, was the civilization of the elves, or elvhen, in the time when elves were still immortal and the dominant race. Are you 18+? Have a minimum score of 7000? Looking for a great group of people who play daily? We accept both "Humans"...
  7. Openings in Freaky Traders

    Hello Winyandor players! Are you looking for an active, supportive, and social fellowship? Maybe one that will encourage and give advice? Then why don't you check us out! We are the Freaky Traders and sadly have several members that will soon be leaving. We do not ask for much, just visit...
  8. Keepers of Avalon Seeking Two Dedicated Players

    Keepers of Avalon (ranked 27) is seeking a couple dedicated players. Minimum score 8,500 and the willingness to continually upgrade your boosted goods factories to enable trading with your fellows. Neighborly visits 5 out of 7 days. We are a close knit, DRAMA FREE, no whining Fellowship. We...
  9. Trader Now Not Working!!!

    Chat seems to be working in Keepers of Avalon (Winyandor) now, TRADER is NOT. I had a friend online with me. I posted a test trade. Trades outside the fellowship showed up for her, but not mine. I had her post a trade. Her trade showed up for me, but non outside the Fellowship. Hmmm, very...
  10. Chat Not Working

    Chat does not seem to be working in Keepers of Avalon in Winyandor. Looks like it does when you are not connected. Hindering playing the game quite a bit as my fellowship uses this feature a lot. chat now seems to be working. trader is not. :(
  11. Keepers of Avalon Seeking Advanced Gem Boosted Members

    We are an active, friendly Fellowship that works together for each others benefit. We are currently in need of an ACTIVE player with an advanced boost in Gems. Please read Fellowship Description before applying. Fellowship rankings are not our main priority, though we are ranked at 61...
  12. 0

  13. Can I have the Winyandor account deleted?

    I just noticed today that I am not using Winyandor because my fellowship and latest changes are in the 'A' world. I'm hoping the Winyandor can be deleted to make room for others. -freedomultd