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40 Day Dwarves (No Diamonds) No Tech. Lock


40 Day Dwarves (no diamonds) Never Tech. Locked
With 22x Lv2 Granite Mines and 10x Lv1 Copper Foundries.

5 Days Prep: (Tech.) Unlock Squad 16, (Tech.) Unlock Portal, (Tech.) Unlock Tracks
(Tech.) Unlock Mines, (Tech.) Unlock Expansion 23
(Save Expansions 21 and 22 for the end)

Ready to Build:
Day 1: (Build) Build Portal
Day 2: (Build) Build 11 Mines, (Tech.) Unlock Res. Upgrades
Day 3: (Build) Build 11 Mines, (Build) Upgrade Portal to Lv2
Day 4: (Build) Upgrade 10 Mines to Lv2
Day 5: (Build) Upgrade 10 Mines to Lv2
Day 6: (Build) Upgrade 2 mines to Lv2, (Tech.) Unlock Marble and Steel Upgrades
Day 7: (Tech.) Unlock Planks Upgrade
Day 8: (Tech.) Unlock Foundries, (Build) Build 3 Foundries
Day 9: (Build) Build 7 Foundries
Day 10: (Build) Upgrade Portal to Lv3, (Tech.) Unlock Workshop Upgrades
Day 11: (Build) Upgrade Portal to Lv4
Day 12: (Tech.) Unlock Expansion 24
Day 13: ----
Day 14: (Tech.) Unlock Barracks Upgrades
Day 15: (Tech.) Unlock Acrobat/Barbarian Upgrade
Day 16: (Tech.) Unlock Squad 18
Day 17: (Tech.) Unlock Ancient Grounds
Day 18: (Tech.) Unlock Main Hall Upgrades
Day 19: (Tech.) Unlock Expansion 25
Day 20: (Tech.) Unlock Armory Upgrades
Day 21: (Tech.) Unlock Archer/Crossbow Upgrade
Day 22: (Tech.) Unlock Expansion 26
Day 23: ----
Day 24: (Tech.) Unlock Golem/Paladin Upgrade
Day 25: ----
Day 26: (Tech.) Unlock Squad 17
Day 27: (Tech.) Unlock Street Upgrade
Day 28: (Tech.) Unlock Squad 19
Day 29: ----
Day 30: ----
Day 31: (Tech.) Unlock Tavern & Temple
Day 32: ----
Day 33: (Tech.) Unlock Expansion 21
Day 34: (Tech.) Unlock Expansion 22
Day 35: (Tech.) Unlock Ancient Wonders

Notes: This is collecting 5x 3hr productions and 1x 9hr per 24hrs
(Tech.) Kp is put in the order they are unlocked.
---- Days are just collecting and putting in Kps
Using 5x Tier 1, 4x Tier 2, 3x Tier 3 (All Lv15) and buying enough Kp with goods to keep up. (in addition to a handful of provinces and some scored from tournaments)
Also Upgraded almost entire city along the way (MH, 40x Res., 8x WS, 1x Armory, Barracks and 3 out of 5 Tier 1's)
*Upgrade Streets while working on Advanced Scouts before selling settlement.
*This was using 3 builders (diamonds for builder were awarded for coming back after an absence long before this chapter, no purchase) It can be done with 2 but you'll have to wake up twice to reset them if you sleep more than 4hrs or add a day somewhere between Days 2-5. Getting builder help will reduce the time 10%. (None was received during the test of this walkthrough) ;)
~From the desk of Mystic Pixie
~Edited by: L.Draco
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This was using 3 builders (The game gave me enough diamonds for a 3rd, no purchase) I

The diamonds as part of quest reward aren't given until the end of the dwarf chapter. Up until that point, 150 diamonds are the only free non-purchased that we get.
So, my question is, how did you accomplish this? I know there is an offer for a free builder with first diamond purchase, but I'm just trying to figure out how you got 3 builders at the start of the dwarf chapter with no diamond purchases?


Oh Wise One
There have been some offers in the past. At various times I've been offered 200, 300, 700, and finally 3000 diamonds to come back after an absence. That's what finally caused me to look at it again this summer, after a two or three month break.


I guess the answer, if you want a third builder for free, is to quit for a month.
Yeah, but that also doesn't always work, I tried on Beta at 30. 60.. and 90 days and got nothing soooo...
But 3rd builder aside the walkthrough is sound even at 41 or 42 days. ;)
I plan on using it for my little city when I get there, I think it took me 84 days when I did it on my big one.
I only even mentioned the builder in the notes for full discloser, because I noticed it and was going for as accurate as possible. I was assured no diamonds were spent towards completing the chapter other than that she just happened to have a 3rd builder from an earlier time.
Also after posting it occurred to me to ask if anyone had polished the builder and they had not, so if you get Builder help it would cut 16hrs off the granite mines which gets you back to sleeping enough to live. :D


I have never seen any offers related to Beta
I never really thought about Beta perhaps not having them... When my little U.S. city gets to chapter 3 I might spend $5 and then let it set for a month and see if it can be triggered. LOL


I was curious to figure out if it made sense for my city to upgrade to rank 4 foundries, and after looking at some math, it seems like a good rule of thumb (for someone not buying diamonds or hyper-optimizing) is to stop foundry upgrades at rank 2. Or like Lord Draconian, stay at rank 1 and just use a ton of space. Does this jive with what others have experienced?


Mathematician par Excellence
The only problem with level 1 granite mines is that they fill up and stop producing after 4h, so you need to log in a lot or else you will lose too much production. Level 2 fills in 6h, so that's better, but if you sleep/work/school you may still lose a lot.
I found level 3 granite to be pretty much perfect at 8h, but YMMV


@SoggyShorts Thanks for the reply, and I agree that level 3 granite mines seems like a must! But my post was actually specifically about copper foundries :)


Mathematician par Excellence
@SoggyShorts Thanks for the reply, and I agree that level 3 granite mines seems like a must! But my post was actually specifically about copper foundries :)
Oh yeah I went with a dozen level 2 copper last time I did ch6 and it was way too many, they sat full waiting for my 23 granite mines to catch up.