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[4246] Invisible units.. STILL


It sure would save me time from having to reload the game every battle if my troops all showed up.

Game version: __
0.29.2193-v0.29-rc5-(master) (2015-11-17 10:15)
Game world: __Aryndyll
Browser + version: __Chrome Version 46.0.2490.86 m
Flash Player version: __19.0.0.245
Operating System: __Windows 10
Screen resolution: __1680 x 1050
Account name: __Dax Ghostal
Humans or Elves: __Humans
Hardware Acceleration: OFF

Reproducibility: _4_/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens often, but not always; 5/5 = happens always)


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Agreed. It is frustrating fighting with invisible troops all the time.


I agree with this. I have to reload my game EVERY SINGLE FIGHT to see the units. I'm just about ready to find a new game to play, this one doesn't seem to be supported terribly well.

Doesn't matter if hardware acceleration is on or off, either. Not that it matters as there seems to be nobody from the company on the forum these days.

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This bug is driving me a little crazy. I lost all my army! Ho hum


If you people want us to buy gems and spend real money, you need to start fixing some of the multitudes of bugs in the game. Until then you aren't going to see a dime of mine.


This may be an idiotic suggestion, but have you tried turning the battle graphic quality to low? I have always had it set to that, and I have never experienced invisible units.


I have this same problem in all 4 worlds regardless of whether it is human or elf. I also experience invisible buildings in my cities although this is much less common.


I'll try that, it'd be pretty sad if I have to play the game on low settings just to stop experiencing a bug they should have been able to fix months and months ago. Thanks for the suggestion.
Nope, put it on low, invisible troops still.
Curses! I was hoping it could be a temporary fix until the programmers finally get around to correcting the problem, but alas... The only other difference is that I use Firefox. I know little about the Flash Player included with Chrome, except that it is integrated, but often Flash will be glitchy in other browsers if the main Flash for IE isn't installed and/or updated to the current version.


Just so you know: We expect this to be fixed in version 0.34 :)


Apparently the fix for this didn't work as intended, so we'll keep this report on "confirmed" for now. Sorry it's taking so long :)

Maz Mellor

Well-Known Member
I haven't been experiencing this problem on Arendyll, but on Winyandor (where I just started a second city) the enemy troops are almost always invisible! I think it's a little disorienting for my axe-wielding barbarians. :confused: