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Ability to forward messages

I have been working with another fellowship pretty much giving me a fellowship of 50 members. Doing group messages and past posts for tips, tricks and advice becomes quite difficult when I have to update the player lists and copy and paste all the prior suggestions. Forwarding the messages would make this communication much easier because I could just update the player list and send the old message to the new list. Also increasing the number of recipients would be nice because then I could attempt to organize an 3rd fellowship to work together with.


Well-Known Member
I'm pretty sure the msg system is sub-contracted and Inno buys access with certain features costing more. If so, then, again, cost is a problem. If not, then programming is even more expensive (which is why a company would lease/rent a mail system in the first place), and I doubt Inno is much interested in doing that. Still, it would be nice.

In anddition: one suggestion. If you are on a PC, create the mail lists in your word processor. Do it once and save it, then you can paste it into the "to:" when needed. Do the same for the message itself and then you only need to open the "compose" box, cut and past the list of names, and the message, and, press "send."

Just how I'd do it.