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Ancient Wonder research full notification


Well-Known Member
I would like to request that we get a notification, either in the notifications tab or as a popup, whenever research for one of our own AWs is completed.
Visitors often add enough KPs to finish research, but the AW owner doesn't know it until someone shouts out to them or they stumble on it.

The functionality is there somehow because we get popups for OTHER people's AW being completed but not our own.

pros: users would be provided timely and accurate information regarding the status of their Ancient Wonder research

cons: dev time

secondary edit: to clarify, the options would be this…
a) an actual notification is generated, stating that "research on your XXXXX (insert applicable AW name) is complete"
(this would be preferred)
b) an in-game popup would be generated LIVE if the player is in game at the time research is completed or upon first login after research is completed.
(this would be an acceptable alternative)
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Chef - Scroll-Keeper - Chandelier Swinger - EAA
Total fan of this idea !!!!

Until that happens , why not make it part of your city “to dos” that you do daily … scan thru and check them.

It’s funny to me because there’s a peep in my FS that announces in chat whenever he sees someone else’s that is ready …lol …he’s always on AW patrol lolol .. I share this with you because so many can surely relate to what you are saying


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why not make it part of your city “to dos” that you do daily … scan thru and check them.
it's definitely something we personally can add to the "check the depths of elevenar", and on mobile it's a much simpler check than on desktop. i recall also asking them to change the desktop AW interface so it looked like the mobile one, which would "possibly" alleviate the issue. but of course… no change to that has been made.


Chef - Scroll-Keeper - Chandelier Swinger - EAA
Just remember Rome wasn’t built in a day .
All you can do is put in the idea according to the guidelines given for suggestions …. It may happen in time you never know less you keep tryin


Oh Wise One
This would be nice, and a pretty basic improvement. We could really use a lot more coherent information about our cities. Heads-up-display with the state of all timers running in the city woudl be awesome. Sorted by when they run down would be even more awesome. so we could pull it up and see that these production runs are done and those ones have 26 minutes to go, etc.

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
Well, since we get a popup that tells us when multiple AW we have donated to get grouped together, I think doing the same would work, but it would only be the login after they are done, as we now do.


The Wonder completion popup from previously helping someone will happen when you are in the game as soon as someone finishes it, not just on login, just like when you add the final KP to someone's Wonder yourself.


Buddy Fan Club member
Your comment said they only pop up when you log in
I don't see where he said the pop up *only* happened at log in.
He appeared to be responding to the post above his:
Would we get the notification each time we log in
His original answer included:
it would only be the login after they are done, as we now do.
*bolded by me
I understood it as 'considering the current way AW completions popup at log in it would only be...'