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[Archived 02/2020] News from Beta

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I'd honestly prefer them to keep the 'specialist' troops to event buildings like the Orc Strat Grounds & V.Valors - that way you can access those troops well before the chapters in which they unlock, AND, "soon" with bp's/rr spell upgrade them as you progress through the game. ;)

No reason both can't exist, as any new AWs are going to be obtained at a point long after you can produce these units normally. As well, I personally don't think those event buildings are very good unless you're so early in the game that you haven't even unlocked units of that type at all. Orc Strategists are better than nothing, but if you have your Mortars or Golems unlocked you can get by just fine with those, and same deal with Paladins/Treants in relation to VGs. They're not very effective for anything even though they're free because the output is so low. I could collect up to 480 Orc Strategists per day from an event building at my level, or I could train 21,650 per day in my Training Grounds. While the free Strategists are appreciated in the relatively small footprint, overall they're a drop in the bucket and they aren't worth chasing down in events compared to the much more useful troop boost buildings if you're looking to fight. AWs on the other hand, while still not matching the output of the actual training buildings, have much higher returns (currently collect about 4 free squads per day from each of mine) and don't require diverting resources like event currency (which as mentioned, I consider better spent on other things) in order to acquire them. They do have heavy costs in other areas, with arguably the steepest of which being mandatory tech progress.

Anyway, perhaps it's just perspective. I see little value in obtaining units 'early' from event buildings since you unlock all of the unit types early as it is and they're enough to get you through. The other tradeoffs for that one small benefit (event currency/availability requirement, low output, do not scale at all with your squad size) just make them seem very unappealing.

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I really like those buildings myself because they're FREE!
No supplies to pay, no pop + culture requirements to run them.
While they don't come in the sheer bulk of any trained units, they're also not eating up the training slots either, meaning I can focus on training other units while still slowly accumulating the Strats & V.Guards.

They're also nice and tiny so the buildings are easy to stuff into an existing city, while also providing some added culture to boot.


I really like those buildings myself because they're FREE!
No supplies to pay, no pop + culture requirements to run them.
That's what it is for me. In Fairies/Orcs/Elves, I felt consistently supply-crunched. Part of it was not having EE or Prosperity Towers, but the other part is that those chapters test your space and/or have some big-ticket items that cost lots of supplies. Getting a few squads of free troops a week from 1 building was nice.


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I should point out that I did note the units being free. I also noted that I don't think them being free to produce offsets the numerous drawbacks the buildings have. These being:

1) They don't produce very much, and I really have to stress this one. It takes a month and a half for one Orc Strategist building to match my daily potential from the Training Grounds, or nearly three days to train one squad.
2) They're only available from events, which means you have to spend valuable event currency (or diamonds) to obtain them. Since event currency is pretty limited for most people, I do not consider this a wise expenditure compared to Unleashed Unit Upgrade, Enlightened Light Range, or Magnificent Mage Multiplier buildings which have extremely powerful and immediate effects that can only be obtained with these buildings. Why would I spend my tickets, ice crystals, or whatever we're collecting from an event on buildings that produce units I can already train when the alternative is making my units significantly stronger instead?
3) Compounding with the above, the units themselves aren't really that useful. If you have all 5 of your race's units unlocked, you're fine. Orc Strategists and Vallorian Guards are not game-changers, even if you're in a position where you're still several chapters from unlocking them. Statistically they're not superior to your normal units, they just have their attributes arranged slightly differently.

Again, all of this is stuff I mentioned in my prior post. Is this really even on-topic, though? It was originally about me entertaining the possibility of future AWs providing free units from the Mercenary Camp/Training Grounds, which I still think would be a good thing (and can still co-exist with any of these event buildings that produce units).


@osideglen evidently yes. See the second post here: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/the-amuni.11293/page-4
Admittedly its not a crystal-clear response.
That's where I got the idea [Beta Forum], but I wasn't certain either, hence my posting herein.
This also does seem like a pretty obvious "not as intended" layout. I'd be happy if it works, but I'd expect Inno tweaks the mechanics to limit this sort of layout.
That would be a bummer...Perhaps I shouldn't have posted this?


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I'm not sure of the value of using level 1 buildings for the sake of connecting the Amuni buildings to. Wouldn't that actually consume more space and create a more awkward layout than simply shifting the residences and workshops you already have in your city? That's what I plan to do, anyway. I'll shift my workshops over enough to slide in the buildings behind them, and then simply 'part the seas' in my long double-row of residences to do the same with them. Seems much more natural than trying to take the 'event approach' and using level 1 stuff.


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There is a new Fellowship Adventures coming to Beta tomorrow!
It will in all probability come to the Live Worlds the following week.


Read all about it in this Note that I just started (which is still under construction and so far has only the Forum Announcement and links to the discussion thread. The Note will only be completed after the release):

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The questline for chapter 13 is terribly restrictive.
There is a quest to have 8 level 4 Goldsmiths and 4 level 4 Trap Makers.
This requires 5,000 prestige which is exactly how much you get from a level 4 portal with the maximum allowable monuments (4 pillars, 3 palms and 2 temples)

There is ZERO build diversity if you wish to complete the chapter and the quests.

I made a suggestion on Beta here
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