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Autumn Zodiac Event Feedback

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New Member
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please take a moment to let us know what you think about our Autumn Zodiac event!

We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to hearing what you think!

Kind Regards,
Your Elvenar Team
I really enjoyed the Autumn Friendship Adventure. The boosts were a little hard to collect especially since the neighborly help rarely gave them out and crafting took too long. I loved and our clan mates finished just in time.


Oh Wise One
Think about all the mana and seed requirements in the later chapters
In support of this, I think it's nice that people going the through the mid-late chapters can choose to get their mana from a mix of things like Firebirds, Manta Rays and Fountains instead of big blocks of Willows followed by big blocks of arcane libraries.

The Unbeliever

Well-Known Member
Personally I hate the random stuff. I like planning ahead, I like setting up for a certain goal. Randomizing pretty much everything will for me greatly decrease the fun of the event.
The problem is as you stated that INNO made a mistake in the event setup and instead of taking some time and effort to look at the flaw and address it they just decided to take the easy way and punish all players instead of addressing a flaw that could be figured out and used by players.

On your other note, I can only agree. The problem with the prize-buildings was that they are too common, too easy to get and too large in number. Not only that, but in many ways they outperform even premium buildings that have to be bought for diamonds.
The power of the buildings has been increasing as well, likely because they felt they had to do 'better' with each event meaning they got stuck on a powerloop. I don't mind seeing fewer of those buildings in that aspect. An issue like that is always hard to fix as players get used to ever increasing better event-buildings and come to expect that, but it needs to be fixed to keep the game playable en enjoyable.
I just feel their way of fixing is taking a completely wrong direction.
Really, the Elvenar team just need to accept it and go full-hog with the 'Warhammer 40,000 Principle' of, "...if everything is over powered, then nothing really is."

FoE has accepted this fact, and while sure, every single event for the most part seemingly drops even more crazy & powerful buildings than the previous, to the point that 'regular' research buildings are never required, that game is mostly balanced simply because the sandbox is wide open for any/all to partake!
ie: even a Ch2 or Ch3 player can, with a ton of effort & work, have super-powerful Lv80+ AW's, a stupid-powerful military boost & an unplunderable city... or else a player who hates PvP can likewise build a city around event buildings and hide behind a City Shield from their tavern if they're really THAT annal about losing a production or two a day.

But here in Elvenar, we still have the dev team madly trying to "fix" their narrowly defined 'ideal balance' every single time...
Only problems are, as any 40k player will tell you;
1. The players will ALWAYS inevitably find some combination/loophole you never intended and thus "break" the system from your desired intention/s
2. Every singe time you try to "fix" a perceived balance problem, you invariably break the game in a dozen new ways!

So really, the devs need to pull their heads out of their nethers, accept that a small % of players will ALWAYS 'beat the system' and just let us have a proper full sandbox to play the game in whatever fashion each player desires.
Hell, it's not even like we're trying to protect noobs from getting run over and beaten senseless by those evil-hearted 'Era-Campers' like FoE has! No PvP means there's even less reason to really care about overall balance, since no one is getting 'hurt' by the top end/hyper competitive players constantly beating down all the new players.

Someone who has 20,000 Lv10 evolving buildings means jack-squat to a player who has none. The 'super player' with infinite resources can't effect their neighbours in any negative way, (ie: attacking and plundering them), nor should there be any reason to ever expect that newer players somehow should be able to ever compete with the players who have been around since day 1!

...oh, and most importantly, the points are meaningless anyways, as they in no way reflect whether a city is actually hyper-efficient vs. mediocre at best, so the only thing ranking does is maybe stroke some egos.:p


New Member
Has anyone seen extra goods when feeding the Panda Bear? I have not seen any added either when I feed it within an hour of collecting the silk it creates without feeding or for any of my tier 1 or 2 goods when I feed it.

Risen Malchiah

Well-Known Member
Has anyone seen extra goods when feeding the Panda Bear? I have not seen any added either when I feed it within an hour of collecting the silk it creates without feeding or for any of my tier 1 or 2 goods when I feed it.
It should not provide a boost to the goods the Panda itself makes (I am fairly certain). It will only provide the boost to the goods you collect from your regular manufactories. And it boosts the COLLECT, not the PRODUCTION, so it is best to feed right before you collect.

(Disclaimer: I do not have this bear)
The panda does not impact your factories or any other building.

The way the Panda works is this: You feed the Panda and then for 1 hour, every *other* pet you feed will yield Tier 1 goods. It is an odd mechanic as it requires multiple pets and multiple feedings. And the goods received don't even count towards "Produce goods" quests.

It should really be changed to yield goods on the very first feeding. Too many people have been confused by this.

Edit: The most valuable time to use the Panda is when you happen to already be feeding multiple pets at once. Like maybe on a Tuesday when you might feed a Fire Phoenix and a Polar bear. Heck, if you got a Brown bear, or multiple pets, feed them all together. Feed Panda > then Fire, Polar, Brown, etc. You'll get tons of extra goods for 1 pet food. Of course, if you only have the panda, you're kinda screwed, hence why it should be changed to include its own feeding.
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