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Barracks and production menus and links not working

Rhianna Chi

New Member
Unable to produce from barracks. Menus for building are tiny and positioned very high on the mobile screen to the point where I am unable to click on some of the links. Some links to produce in my workshops are also not working. Members from my fellowship are also experiencing similar problems plus other issues as well. TYIA

Rhianna Chi

New Member
Ok...things seemed fixed now. Not sure if it was just a weird glitch that remedied itself or if the game developers worked their magiac Thank you!!


Well-Known Member
I click green research button and it opens research..
Chapter 3 has no other advance barrack tech
Is it normal to get a quest that says ready to do and find you can't do it?
I have all resources & space ready with nothing in the red..
What am I missing.. is this a glitch?
thanks in advance for your time
Chapter 3 does have a Barracks Tech. All the way at the end with Main Hall. Superior Barracks.
If this Tech already has the green check, marked, meaning completed... when you click on your Barracks and go to the Upgrade Tab, it shouldn't say "Research", it should only say Upgrade.
When you click on a building and go to Upgrade Tab, if it says Research and you click on it, it will open your Tech Tree and continue from where you are. It will not open Tech Tree and point to where you need to be, to unlock the required Research.

Hope this helps! :)