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Help Ch.11 halflings settlement best layout option

hey all, now obviously i realize this depends on your own city's layout, as well as your preferences. but after looking at elvengems.com for suggested layouts, the most efficient ones use a 5x4 space but also have either extra farms or fields that aren't really needed.

so here's my question/what i need help with: if you look at the attachment:
halflings forum help.png
i'm trying to fit 8 farms n 16 fields in a 4x4 province area, including the level 4 portal (which is 5x6). so for those of you who really enjoy tinkering n messing around with layouts, is it possible to fit these in the designated area? (i had a layout that fit them, using the canal to connect them all to the portal, but that's before i realized the "new" connection types...that's whats throwing a wrench in the works)

n if they can't all fit, for those of you who have already played halflings, what would you recommend as the most efficient combo of farms n fields, n what would the layout be?


P.S. the reason i'm asking this, btw, is that elvengems.com says the Ch.10 settlement takes up "just shy of a full 5x5 area of expansions grid", which is WRONG...here's my current city's elvenarchitect blueprint, which shows it fits very neatly in a 4x4 expansion grid, plus the 1 extra row of squares on each side due to the length of the arcane faculties (i was also gonna show an actual screenshot of the city in-game, but every format i try the forum says the file is too large; any ideas on that?) so i'm trying to fit the halfling settlement in the same space, since supposedly it takes up less space than the sorcerers n dragons one. oh, n when they say their examples "fit neatly in a 5x3 expansion grid"? dunno who's doing the math there, but when you count the squares, they're actually 6x3 n 7x3
forum sampler.png

UPDATE: ummm, so am i pulling a sheldon cooper w/super asymmetry rite now, n figure this out? lemme know if you see any reason why this doesn't work:
halflings farming settlement.png
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