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New Member
I propose a building that can compress materials into Relics, taking about 1000 of each material per Relic. The mechanics I see for it is that it has a similar slot count to the Magic Academy at level 5, which would be max, and like the Academy it gains one slot a level. You would need diamonds to buy the upgrades. For each relic, it should take about 24 hours, and have that not change with levels since this would be op if it weren’t slow. And for price I think it should have an initial buy of 2500 gems or, maybe, 20 dollars. Enough to make profit for the team, but not so much that no one would buy it. And for land area, do a 5x5 so that players have to think about how to make room, or buy diamonds to get gems for a gem parcel.

Sir Squirrel

Artist and Buddy Fan Club member
I think if you do what tourney you can, you will find that your getting lots of relics so I can't really see the need for this except for very new players or players not in a fellowship that don't have access to the tourney. It would not be needed after you get to around chapter 6 or 7 as you can do more then enough tourney to supply your need for relics at that point. (even earlier for a lot players in a good FS). You can also buy relics in the Magic Academy as well so they kind of have this covered.


Buddy Fan Club member
I am a bit confused as to why you would want to create relics when they are fairly easy to get. I would like the Magic Academy to be specifically for magic items... spells.. and the like, while having another building for all the other things you can make.


Well-Known Member
I was rather confused as to what the heck a "relic" was at first when talking as though it was some sort of rare resource that we need more of in a hurry, like pet food, or diamonds.


Thanks @Sir Squirrel for clarifying that they were talking about those ridiculously common things that you get all the time from Tournament and can never seem to ever get rid of. While I kinda see a sort of shortage in relics going on in the earlier chapters when you're using MA to push out CCs and enchantments faster than the limited amount of provinces can restore, it just doesn't stay that way for long.

My experimental catering city had a leg up on going straight to lv 5 Magic Academy. I still never ran out of relics to go straight CC every day 24/7. I did, get rather close, but I needed to complete the related provinces anyway. Great way to keep afloat, and gain more tourney provinces at the same time :)


While I don't need it and wouldn't use it, there is a place in the game where something like this could be useful...and some players would use it. It's already been said that after a certain chapter you won't need it, but what if there were a less permanent building that did the same thing? What if you had a building which, from chapters 1 to 6 pr 7, for 30 or 100 days "compressed" things to make relics? This would certainly help the lower chapter players and those playing solo. If it were something you could craft (or not) it would have a use.

So while I do think the original post was off in the details I think the OP was recognizing a real need for some and addressing it. Maybe, therefore, a new approach where it is more targeted toward the players that need it would be in order?



Buddy Fan Club member
Just my opinion but with the new tech tree in place I don't think we can say with any confidence that there is a need for this and trading limited resources (goods) when in the lower chapters for Relics sounds more like a lose-lose proposition. the resource management part of the early chapters is the foundation for future chapters and skipping that seems to be a recipe for disaster. I am not sure if the OP just wants a fast way to get to max relics or is just wanting more?

Either way, I don't see a point to this at all.