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  1. Compressor

    I propose a building that can compress materials into Relics, taking about 1000 of each material per Relic. The mechanics I see for it is that it has a similar slot count to the Magic Academy at level 5, which would be max, and like the Academy it gains one slot a level. You would need diamonds...
  2. Latest tournament changes

    Some of the new tournament rules was a bad idea. The announcement says that the change in the relic distribution was made so new players can collect relics faster. However, I don't think this achieves that and the new distribution system makes it essentially impossible to target a specific...
  3. New Tournament Style

    So in beta world there is a new style of tournament, where you only have 4 instead of 8 within each , which means the rewards to complete each are much lower. you can now get rune shards and spells but they have greatly reduced the amount of kp and relics you receive. I do the tournaments for...
  4. SPELLS! Why can't we have new spells?

    It's been forever since the development of Magic Academy; and the tournament providing extra relics as well as an Ancient Wonder, so why no more NEW spells? I'd post this on the suggestion forum, but why? It's been suggested "tons" of times and without any responses or even the slightest...
  5. List of available Relics negotiation according to the current status of possible resources available

    List of available Relics negotiation according to the current status of possible resources available. Hello! Firstly, I would like to apologize in bad English and impossibility to find the right word for some names and terms, I am Croatian. It would be good to have some buttons where we can...
  6. Other Relics

    I'm pretty new to the game and I was wondering what all the other relics do (planks, marble, etc.) that aren't associated with a production boost once you collect enough of them. Please help, is it even worth it to go after other relics, or just the three that are actually worth something?
  7. Does using relics negate production bonus?

    I know that production on boosted goods goes up when you collect enough relics. If you use relics in the Magic Academy and they drop below an increase threshold do you lose the boost percentage that having that relic would have provided?
  8. Closed | Archived [8000] Production boosts not updated in Main Hall Relics tab until logout/login

    Game version: 0.31.2735-v0.31.1-(master) (2015-12-17 10:42) Game world: Winyandor Browser + version: Chrome Version 47.0.2526.106 m Flash Player version: Adobe Flash Player - Version: Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Screen...
  9. Selling relics?

    Is it possible to sell or trade relics I have no use for? I have two of my three boosts, and thus a lot of relics that aren't doing anything, I'd like to be able to sell or trade them for relics I *can* use. Is that possible?