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Current Squads Display


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
No problem. I once made a mistake too. You probably saw it in the national news? ;)


Oh Wise One
Just saw this.
I wouldn't have voted against
It's probably a generational thing
I get a kick out of things like " OH NO I HAD TO CLICK MY MOUSE TWICE :O "


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
@mucksterme Yeah, you are probably a lot younger than me and love all that button clicking. My generation never liked doing things that take a good short term memory...hence we sometimes can't remember what we just read on one screen and either have to go back again or give up. Sigh. So having the information we need on the screen on which we need it seems like a reasonable solution to being in my generation. ;>)


Tetris Master
The original post by @ajqtrz doesn't show the information that currently goes on that screen when you go to add troops though, which is the supplies cost and the time it takes to train those units. It also lets you adjust how many units you want to train on the slider.

I'd be happy for the existing squads to be displayed, but it would mean the information is overlapping the troop image or window enlarged to show that. The army camp tab does show other information as well.