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Economic damage due to event and craftable buildings


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The proliferation of event buildings which produce large numbers of T3 goods for the majority of players have lead to an imbalance in the worlds' economies. Added to that the craftable "Merchant 3" produces the same number of t3 goods per time period (and in the same space) as the M1 does of T1 goods (both for 0 supplies) making it a much better deal in output per square, which contributes to the imbalance. Now there are too many free T3 goods for anyone's needs, and some people haven't stopped producing them in their factories.

If a few fellowships could try to estimate how many goods of each tier they are broduing for free outisde of factories, it would be good data points
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So far, results from three players in my FS:
T1 - 2300/day
T2 - 5100/day
T3 - 82,270/day (The output of 8+ Level 21 factories, with no supplies or culture needed. Almost 300,000 tools per day that don't need to be used to make T3 goods.

This is broken.

In those three cities, Just the Jester's tavern by itself is producing over 70,000 T3 goods.


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I have stopped trying for any culture prizes that offer T3 goods. If I end up with one, I am not placing them. I make more than enough T3 with my 3 factories & they aren't all fully upgraded. It has gotten to where the majority of the trades in the trader are all cross-tier---players offering T3 goods & asking for T1 or T2. I have told my fellowships that they would have a better chance of having them taken if they were to make those trades 3-stars. Most of my cities have more T3 than any other goods. I have even sold off my TM3s & crafting TM1 or TM2s to replace them. It would help if the culture prizes that offer factory goods would only give T1 or T2 goods {for advanced players-have them offer T4 or T5}.


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Hmmm is it really borked though? Leme check...

194,550 T3 (sleds, jesters, krarak)
69,400 T2 (winter fairs, kirit)
60,774 T1 (Market stall, giants hand, harvest storage)

Yup. Totally borked.

How do I balance that out?
A T1 factory pumps out a massive 15K per day, so since T1 goods are worth 1/16th of a T3 all I need is 143 more T1 factories, right?:rolleyes:

On the upside, I can sustain cross-tier trades like nuts. Who want;s to give me 3 million T1 per day for my T3? Come on....you know you want to...:p

the Jester's tavern by itself
afaik the Jesters is about 3 T3 factories at max boost running 9h+9h+3h
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I don't have anything more than anecdata, but prior to picking up sets the last few events, my T1=T2=T3 in the aggregate. Now I find that T2 definitely lags behind, to the point where I built a 4th silk factory just to boost things up.

If anything, maybe this pushes T2 production into something beneficial. Focus on T2, and force everyone else to trade 1:1 for T3. You profit by getting the extra population/space for using the more efficient factory.