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Elf Fighting


I am in Chapter 2 with the dogs now. Instead of wasting so much on catering, is there a guide for kicking butt too? I have a large circle about me and some of it is asking for the manufactories I have yet to open. Would be nice to turn the tables on those big units they use.

Deleted User - 1178646

Unfortunalty you can negotiate way faster than then you can combat on the world map.

You're off course free to try.

Mykan has written a guide here

And I am currently (re)writing my old battle bible at the link in my signature, but it will take at least another week to finish most of it.
Only a few links are working right now and will only give a glimps of whats comming.


Oh Wise One
You are in one of the harder eras, good news it is gets easier come era 3. There is a guide in my signature you can look at. The graphics are designed for when you have the full troops but I have tried to provide tips for era 1/2 towns as well. The good news is with heavy melee you should have several provinces that you are decent troops for but marble, planks, gems and elixir will be tougher.

the dogs are light melee units but it is their fast speed that will help you to close in on certain long range units.