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Feedback: Winter Magic Event 2023


Thinker of Ideas
I was just going through the quest list from beta. And for the first time in what feels like a very long time, i see at least some positive changes. And some i wasnt expecting, but wondered about. (Note: quest list is currently only up to #89. So more are to come that could alter some comments.)

The change i wasnt expecting was simply the organization of the quests. Do enough events and you soon start to realize the pattern where inno would have the first half of the quests focusing a little more on production. Example: 'produce 4 advanced tools' and 'produce 6 3h t1 manufactury'. And then the second half, they seem to disappear (all or nearly) and focus more on collecting things or fighting things. It was a noticeable shift form the first half to the second half.
I never rly mentioned it before, but i had always wondered about that. I just assumed it was to give newer players and/or lower chapter players an easier time in the beginning so they can get at least some event stuff. Its far easier for a new player to make a couple breads form a workshop then it might be to complete 10 tourney encounters.
I can see this time tho that the quest list is far more diversified. There are productions quests and fighting quests and collection quests and everything pretty much all through out the quest line. - While i have no objections to this at the moment, im wondering how a newer/lower chapter player might feel about that. They might have a different opinion.

There is one maybe new quest or maybe rephrased quests. 'Collect 4x witch points'
Im assuming they mean the witch points in the cauldron. Except there is no way to collect witch points aside from the standard donating resources to it. But we already had a quest 'Donate x amount to the cauldron'. So im not sure if this is supposed to be something different or if they just reworded it. My guess would be rewording it...
But either way the founding problem of that quest still remains. And that it that the donation window is completely INACCESSIBLE until you use your once a week cauldron effect. Considering there is always another even right around the corner, that means that the majority of the time players will be left with a single choice. Either stop progressing in the event completely until its time to use your cauldron effect. Or waste your cauldron effect early so you can progress with the quest line. And that is a foolish choice that does not do this game any good. And the solution is simple. Give access to the donation window at all times. Make it a separate tab in the cauldron if you want. But make it accessible.

Now for 'the big two' for the last several events....
Fighting/negotiating on world map ONLY and Buy kp ONLY
Oh how i have hated these two... Hated in a way that would get my quickly banned if i were to actually express how i feel about them completely and accurately... To the point where it felt that feedback on them were being ignored; the thought of saying to hell with this game crossed my mind.. If not for the fellowship... maybe..

Im glad to finally see that some progress is being made on this front again. Only glad. Not happy. Because, one; its only partial. And two; it was fixed completely before and then inno undid it. So im less inclined to give credit to someone crapping on the floor and then showing up 6 months later to clean it... -_-

But im glad to see some work on this front.. again. The quest lsit is only up to 89 atm. So there are a few more to come. That could alter a few comments potentially. But so far i see that most of the fighting quests are no longer fight/negotiate world map ONLY. Which im glad about. Those are in very short supply for some players a certain points in the game. Most of them have been changed to 'solve x encounters (world map, tourney, spire)'. And that is exactly what it should be! One big combination of all those quests into one. No more fighting or negotiating; Combined to Solve!. No one one location. Combined all three!. This simply change provides so many options for a player, all rolled into one!. I am glad to see that.

In addition to that; there are a few 'solve x encounter on world map by negotiating/fighting' quests still around. But they all seem to have some form of a LEGITIMATE 'OR' option available. - No more of that 'solve world map by fighting' OR 'solve world map by negotiating' While some players are sitting there screaming in there heads how that does not help one bit if they dont have extra world map encounters left! It was incredibly frustrating. - Now they seem to have a legit 'or' option. And several different kinds depending on which quest number it is. Such as.. OR.. recruit units, collect enchantments, collect t1 factory productions, accept trade offers.. All legit 'or' options.

While id rather just see them all as the big combined version, im at least glad they are providing legit 'or' options for when they dont use the combined version. And between the two, i havnt seen any mandatory world map encounter ONLY's yet. So im glad about that... Again.

Moving on to the second of the big two. Buy KP ><
'Buy kp' ONLY quests have been a true plague to events and this game in the last year. And the feedback in every event has shown a lot of ppl that really hate this quest. I also get lots of ppl in my FS that have said they hate this quests (all on there own, not prompted by me). Some even saying that the just stop participating in the events once they start showing up. And its understandable because the last several event were having mandatory buy kp quests totaling somewhere around 100-150 kp? I forget the exact range off the top of my head but it was extreme. And it was .... a bs badge :)

Now this is one quest that should be removed all together imo. Short of that, a legit 'OR' option.
Im saddened to say the buy kp quests still remain this event. BUT, i can at least say they dropped down the quantity a lot. So thats something.
From #1-#89 i see three mandatory Buy kp ONLY quests. But they are buy 3kp, buy 6, and buy 9. Thats at least a little better then a bunch of those buy 20 kp quests that made me want to punch someone in the throat. -_-
There are a couple buy kp OR quests as well. Which is potentially better then the mandatory ones (depending on what the or option is). But they seem to have OR options of trade with wholesaler, collect spell frags, collect witch points. Those are legit 'OR' options (with the notion of the witch points, as described previously.)
So the buy kp is far from perfect... but its made some progress on. A little bt glad about that.

So over all inno at least did some work to try and fix the mess they made. They mostly fixed the world map issue (at least for this event.) They did half way into fixing the buy kp issue. And they havnt done anything about the cauldron UI yet. So wrapped together its kinda 50/50. But 50/50 is a lot better then the 0 feeling weve had the last several events. I just hope inno continues to work on fixing these issues. There is a big difference between working until you fixed the problems vs doing jsut enough to try and shut us up. So im rly hoping they are going back to the first part.


Well-Known Member
@Dominionofgod ,
As well as your UI issue is the issue of that being a
mid-CH5 research, blocking anyone lower. Buy KP
should ALWAYS have a legitimate OR .... or be
eliminated entirely, just as "do x encounters" needs
to always be reg/tourn/spire, even tho those are
harder now with the research requirements, so
maybe those also need ORs that are doable.

Deborah M

Oh Wise One
@-Solaris- I am hoping this might be passed on.

I have been checking the prizes for this event. So far, I have not seen a Christmas Tree :( They have not had the Christmas tree since back before we had storage. Eventually I and others had to sell it off. I never, ever imagined that years later we would still not have any chance to win or buy a Christmas tree. Noting, I did replace the snowy owl set when I could buy it. Definitely my favorite event was the one with the Christmas market and the Christmas tree. It reminded me so much of Germany. I traveled all over Germany one November into December. I loved, loved the Christmas markets everywhere I visited! Well, that and the mugs of hot Spiced Wassail everywhere I went ;) Needless to say, I have a whole lot of German Christmas tree ornaments! I never imagined, nor can I wrap my mind around, a German game being so NOT what I experienced as so important in the German Christmas tradition :( After this long I believe the omission is intentional even if I can't imagine why :mad: That being said, all of my cities and all of the cities related to me are NOT participating in this event unless we see a Christmas tree come up as a prize.
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Well-Known Member
So far, I have not seen a Christmas Tree :(
Yet we keep getting Father Tree, Frozen Father Tree, Father Glitter Tree.
I see a x-mas tree in the database, but I've wondered why the main
Event Evolve hasn't been a x-mas tree at least once in the past few years.

All 3 of the above listed are culture only, why can't 1 of those just be
a x-mass tree ?? and if you offered 2 of the 3 every year, you could
just rotate out the x-mas tree every other year.


Well-Known Member
Instead of Father Glitter Tree, give us Father Christmas Tree.
Make it like the Unicorns, collectable. Give us a slightly
different version each year that way a set can still be offered
or a regular evolve offered. @Deborah M is right tho, the
german ppl are wayyy into x-mas, why not a x-mass tree.


Chef - Head Philologist
I'm pretty sure when this came up in a Q&A a few years ago, it was said they were avoiding overt Christmas references because of the religious connection, the same way there's a "Spring" event rather than an Easter one.

Deborah M

Oh Wise One
But any pagan reference they come up with is fine??? Besides, there are a whole lot of not particularly Christian people who have Christmas trees. For that matter, those who don’t want one do not have to get one, let alone put it out in their city. I’ve always done that with as many pagan references as I can avoid. Oh well! If that is true, I guess Inno went too far politically correct for my money or any of my family’s money. 21 cities that spend real money. We feel really discriminated against and stabbed in the back. Now not spending on this game anymore is a real moral issue! This is a 100% putting our money where our mouths and hearts are.

I feel so mad and betrayed that I’m thinking I will be happier just using my Murano glass ornaments from Italy this year. I was unaware that Germans have swung so far into political correctness. That is really sad since until now Germany was one of my few favorite places in the world. That was actually one reason I settled in playing an Inno game.
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Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
Elvenar is a fantasy world and should only have fantasy holidays and fantasy deities. I have know quite a few people who have quit the game because they were scared of the non-Christian and witch and fantasy god themes. Personally, I am happy to have a game with zero real-world religious BS in it. And that includes Christmas, as everything about it is either Christian or from a pagan religion, or is something the Christians stole from the pagans.


Thinker of Ideas
I'm pretty sure when this came up in a Q&A a few years ago, it was said they were avoiding overt Christmas references because of the religious connection, the same way there's a "Spring" event rather than an Easter one.
But any pagan reference they come up with is fine??? Besides, there are a whole lot of not particularly Christian people who have Christmas trees.
Lets face it, either way, inno will get bitched at on this one. If they include specific religion themes (like christmas) then they will get an ear full. And if they dont do it... they will still get an ear full. And if world history has taught us anything, bad things often happen when multiple religious factors come together. Combine with the extremism in todays world... equals a chance i wouldnt want to take if i were inno. So i can actually understand there reasoning on this one.

Elvenar is a fantasy world and should only have fantasy holidays and fantasy deities.
I do like that approach. Just take the Seinfeld approach. Happy festivus!
Tho sadly, some would even consider that 'blasphemy' because of any references to anything other then there own beliefs.
(Flashing back to the DS9 episode when Vedek Kia Winn came to ds9 to stir up hate from nothing and verbally attacked the school teacher for teaching about the life forms inside the wormhole instead of the 'profits' as Kia winns world/species thought of them as..)

So i understand why Inno is trying to avoid the whol thing completly. I dont fault them on that one. And i certianly aint goign to complain about it even if i did. There are plenty more game related things for me to talk about!

Deborah M

Oh Wise One
So they go 100% pagan with all the witchcraft and various other things? They already chose one side of this conversation. I’m not saying they have to eliminate all of their pagan stuff. We have had no problem avoiding whatever we didn’t want. I am saying the rest of us should get a chance once in a while. A moratorium on something as basic as a Christmas tree is ridiculous! They could even offer it for purchase for those who want it. Apparently, even though anybody who wants one has waited for years and been tolerant of all the other stuff, we do not matter to Inno. I honestly never realized Inno had gone intentionally anti anything Christian :(

This is honestly a very sad day for me and others.


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Hey I just wanted to point out that the Frost Carved Christmas Tree is part of a large set that hasn't been offered since 2018 iirc. It was the largest set ever offered and was difficult to collect. So just imagine the complaints if the Tree, or the set, was offered at this point. So it may be something more along these lines that are causing some hesitation on Inno's part.


Well-Known Member
the Frost Carved Christmas Tree is part of a large set that hasn't been offered since 2018
Yeah, and a Santa's workshop was in there too, so why :mad: all of a
sudden is eArchitect only showing me stats for CH10 and up ??

I understand and agree with not re offering that set, I'm just
saying, the (3) trees I listed are 3x3s and just culture, no harm
in making a 3x3 thats a x-mas tree/culture and possibly being
collectable. Traditionally link'd pieces are a 1 event set, but
what if they were a longterm collection ?

Deborah M

Oh Wise One
@Lelanya Apparently that is not what was said in a Q&A. I guess I missed that. I was surprised to see the entire Festival set in the last sale. It was a pretty big one. I came so close to buying that and just didn’t get back to it in time. Boy am I glad now!! Our cities are all parking now and storing those things we are not wild about. Why should we be tolerant if we are met with this? It is a shame Inno decided a Christmas tree should be taboo :(

The only reason to stay around this game at all anymore is to not abandon my fellowship.

Deborah M

Oh Wise One
Silly me! I did all of the events and, as was encouraged by Timon back then, replaced almost all with the next event buildings. Since there was no storage and Timon claimed there would never be storage, I sold tons of good stuff thinking there would be comparable offerings down the road. That has been true for a lot of things but obviously not this.


Well-Known Member
Ran into a wierd task just now, enchantment based.
when I roll'd over the "i", it said crafting and spire
didn't count, but thru the MA, it did ??? o_O isn't the MA
where you do crafting..... it made no sense so I did the
"or"..... 1 goods -> lvl5+ .... if I see it again, I'll screenie
it cause thats just wierd.


Thinker of Ideas
was just about to post about that. Seems we got a new (ish) quest. 'Create enchantments' as opposed to the normal gather enchantments.

create enchantment.jpg

create enchantment 2.jpg