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Feedback: Winter Magic Event 2023


Well-Known Member
Even a dog catches the car once an awhile.


Oh Wise One
Do the new 1 square buildings in this event which give bonuses to enchantments (such as Glacial Blossom or Gleaming Blocks) stack? Or can you only benefit from 1 at a time?


Thinker of Ideas
had a glitch on mine while cashing in. At least a glitch in my mind.
I was cashing in and at the end i reached 17/17 for the 2x bonus. I clicked on that, then clicked on the square to open it. I got the pop up to buy more keys. I guess i was out and ididnt notice. (at least i hope thats all it was). So i couldnt open the square, but it still used up my 2x bonus. So i just lost that on nothing.

Edit: the next box i opened was an item and 2 presents, so maybe the boost went through even tho the number showed 0.


Thinker of Ideas
Copying this over form a post i made in discord. Which was really annoying to type up there... KEEP THESE FORUMS!
Also coudnt add a pic of it these. Least i can here.
Not lets see if i can reformat this correctly...

create enchantment_01.jpg

This is in regards to the 'Create enchantments' quest. Where only enchantments from tourney, MA, and neighborly help count. Spire and crafting does NOT count. Also worth noting, Combined catalysts enchantment does NOT count. So much of that makes no logical sense or practical sense. I have no issue with the quest itself. Only how its designed.

The fact that catalyst enchantments dont count is annoying. Every enchantment but that one counts? I get that its not a normal enchantment, but if I can make it in the Magic Academy as an enchantment, then it counts as an enchantment! I also get that they have there own 'collect catalyst' enchantments. But it doesnt mean that it cant still be added as an option to this quest. This limitation serves only as an annoyance.

For the logical side... the word 'Create' in Create enchantments. On a logical note, that would mean only Magic acadamey and craft should count. Those are the only methods in which you 'create' enchantments. Every thing else is 'acquiring' enchantments. Tourney, spire, NH, those are all times where you acquire them, not create them. - And yet, while craft is a literal form of 'creating' an enchantment... it doesnt count for the create enchantment quest. 0.o
To be honest, despite making that argument, id rather it not be limited to only MA and crating. So i dont mind that. But making crafting not count still makes no sense at all.
Id also be willing to accept the idea that its a translation error. As this game is translated into many languages. Sometimes getting ultra specific with a single word will have issues. So i can accept it as more of a 'Collect enchantments' instead of 'create enchantments' . But we already have 'collect' or 'gather' quests. So this seems like a specific notation.

No matter the reason; All enchantments should count for this quest. As should all methods of acquisition.

Which brings me to the exclusion of the spire for this quest... Why?
Im really curious to know the designers reasoning behind that decision. I wonder because, the spire inherently has VERY FEW enchantment rewards in it to begin with. The only enchantments in there are the catalysts and the teleport buildings. (That i recall right now). Its mostly instants. Them excluding catalysts from this quest; Which means only the teleport building spell remains. In the entire first floor of the spire, there is only one single chest that has a POSSIBLE teleport building enchantment in it. And on the first floor, that single chest reward is ONE teleport building spell. You need two for the quest. Ill also add that 'teleport building' enchantment IS an acceptable enchantment, but your not allowed to get it from the spire. Makes no sense.

Even if the catalyst enchantment counted, the odds are still low (only 4 chests per floor that offer them. And they are all 20% chance to get.) But without them, youd have to do half the spire just to get the theoretical chance of acquiring enough enchantments for the quest. And thats assuming you get perfect enchantment drops each time. So with odds being so low, to nearly non existent... why take the extra stop of forbidding collecting enchants there at all? Feels more like an extra little 'screw you' to the players. So there is a lot about what should be a simple quest that makes little sense to me.

As for what to do about it... there are several options. I mentioned a few of them in the complaint. But i think the best option might be to combine the 'collect catalyst' and 'create enchantment' quests. Similar to to the combination of tourney/spire/world map encounters adjustment (which is sooo much better)
Just have one quest 'Acquire x amount of enchantments'. Where all methods of acquisition and all enchantments actually count. Both of those quests singularly have issues. But a combined one would make sense, give players options, and be an all around smoother quest. So that would be my preference.


Well-Known Member
@Dominionofgod ,

Every enchantment but that one counts?

Catalysts are no longer and have not been for awhile considered Enchantments.
It is why they were removed from this popup display. While I agree it made no
sense to make this change, I also agree "create enchantments" task is beyond
poorly designed, and just causes confusion.


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
I will say it again. I solved the very first instance of 'Create an Enchantment' with a teleport spell from Spire. This is exactly like 'Collect Enchantment Spells'. There are more poorly worded quests in the next event as well.


Thinker of Ideas
Catalysts are no longer and have not been for awhile considered Enchantments.
i did notice that. Its split tho. They are not listed in the enchantment tab anymore. But they are an enchantment listed in the MA to be made. So i still think of it as an enchantment.

I will say it again. I solved the very first instance of 'Create an Enchantment' with a teleport spell from Spire.
I missed that one. Or just forgot about it. Both are possible'

There are more poorly worded quests in the next event as well.
I do believe that statement. However i will make a note on my inference of that statement. I dont see this specific case that i mentioned as 'poorly worded'. For the simple reason that it says 'spire and crafting rewards do not count for this quests progress'. Thats a full on statement, not just a bad wording or translation error. That would be a full on false statement; if teleport spells from spire do count.
I guess thats nit picking on my part. The problem is still the same.


Well-Known Member
But they are an enchantment listed in the MA to be made.
Yeah, I'll agree there... and its sloppy coding not to have
changed it everywhere to a non enchantment.... this is
how inconsistencies and confusion creep into the game.

Take PetFood .... the "i" on the task should clearly say....
"disenchanting qualifies as using" , not leave it up to the
community to tell everyone, "remember if ya don't have
a pet to feed, disenchanting also works".

Words matter !!!! Use, Create, Collect, Disenchant, or any
other word I'm forgetting, hold specific meaning. Using
them improperly only sows confusion with the players.


Thinker of Ideas
Words matter !!!! Use, Create, Collect, Disenchant, or any
other word I'm forgetting, hold specific meaning.
I agree completely. On the other hand, i did take German. I failed massively. Despite a mathematical brain, language did not seem to click. So i can fully understand translation issues. Things dont always translate perfectly. And it can be quite difficult some times. So im not one to complain about that specifically. Ill just try to point it out and hope it gets fixed.

This is exactly like 'Collect Enchantment Spells'.

Today's quest is 'Collect or Use enchantments'.
The wording on that quest, and then the wording on the last quest of 'create enchantments' seems highly specific to me. I guess its possible that the translator person just forgot the exact wording he used and came up with something slightly different. Or that multiple different ppl worked on the translations and came up with two slightly different wordings. - But no matter the reason, the wording on them is very different. And suggests two very different methods to complete the quest. (Most of which i mention in my post a few spots above.)

To be honest, todays quest of 'collect or use enchantments' is exactly how it should be imo. Assuming that it means any method of acquisition as it sounds... and use/disenchant counts... is perfect. Its the perfect combination to make a versatile quest.

edit: disenchant does not count. So... almost perfect then.

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
edit: disenchant does not count. So... almost perfect then.

Disenchant has only ever worked in the FA for enchantments. Pet Food is the only thing where disenchant works the same as using and that is only because some people do not have any Pet evolving buildings to feed, but may have pet food in their inventory, or can make one, while anyone can use the enchantments in their inventory.


Thinker of Ideas
272 presents - got 9th artifact but not portrait (280).
(also the use of last key me 17/17 to use the 2x, but no more keys >< )
Bronze league (silver currently 276+)

277 presents - got 9th artifact, short on portrait (280).
Silver league currently, but only by 2 points. So might lose it in the last few hours. Also the last two squares were a 2x and 3x miraculously (on a full 16 hidden grid). So crazy lucky on that. Normally wouldnt have gotten that.

Both had all main bonuses; email, 2 ashen, around city at same time, etc etc etc.. same.

Glad i at least got the 9 artifacts in the event. A few in my fs did not get the last one and were not thrilled about it.
The only issue i have witht he event is the 2x taking 17. That number bothers me. I wish it were 15 just like the spy glass. But as for the system, thats my only complaint. - I actually like this system the best. Its straightforward and fast to cash in on. Dont have spend hours trying to get through it.

As for issues with a few of the specific quests, iv mentioned them in the last few posts.