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Fellowship Adventure Badges Placed Report

Suggestion - Add a tab on the FA Banner that will list every member and the number of badges placed

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Well-Known Member
In my Fellowship we try to make sure everyone has at least 1 badge placed before moving to the next stage. We all know it is a tedious and error prone process to check that every member placed at least 1 badge before pulling the flag in each stage.

I propose INNO add a tab on the FA Banner that will list every member and the number of badges placed in the current Stage.
(As an alternative a Yes/No can be used instead of the count to indicate the player placed a badge in the current stage)
FA are different than tournaments in that there is no stigma to placing just 1 badge in each stage to receive the reward when the flag is pulled.
1. Participation is not required in my fs.
2. Members between chapters have more space and pick up a good part of the load.
3. We want every member to place a badge, not for the benefit of the fs but for the benefit of the member.

Making sure everyone placed a badge to shares in the Rewards is a difficult and error prone process.
The report is meant to make it easier on AM and error free.
I would leave it to the developers to determine if a badge count or y/n is easier to implement.
Thank you for supporting this proposal.
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Well-Known Member
I'd like this, too. I'd probably prefer a simple yes/no over a count.
The yes/no should eliminate the drama I got on the Tournament Score Report I suggested.
Personally I like posting the number of Badges so I could congratulate and thank those members for Job Well done.
Everyone understands at times there is just no room to build extra buildings for the FA, but we still want everyone to participate in the rewards.
So placing even just 1 badge is ok.
You are probably right, yes/no may be better. It still accomplishes the goal to eliminate the task of figuring out if anyone is missing.


Yes, this is even more of a pain than cross-referencing tournament scores, and the solution is (hopefully) less objectionable. I agree with @Kekune that a yes/no listing would probably be sufficient, but I would not mind a count. Either way, I fully support this suggestion. :)


Well-Known Member
FA's aren't the weekly tournments, a badge count per stage would be
meshing with other suggestions that also incorporated FA SSs... This
seems a 1st step on that road... and please Inno , make it a button/tab
"clickable to bring up" a list, and a list that can be "Highlighted" so AMs
can just copy/paste that into thier SSs.

so, yes please, copy-able full FS badge count......


Oh Wise One
I like the yes/no idea. In the past I have had to herd cats and slap hands that pull flags, I think I have that solved now. It would be nice to know at a glance who did and didn't get in on that level.

Grid Gypsy

Well-Known Member
I don't know why a badge count would be such a big deal, since anyone in the fellowship can do it by hand to find out anyway. Our AM is taking the time to keep track and then giving out AW KP to the persons (split into groups by chapter) with the highest badge count this go round. Either way though, I vote yes.


Buddy Fan Club member
Our AM is taking the time to keep track
Hat's off to your AM! I've got the AW KP and willingness to use it as a reward, but in my casual (less stringent visiting and city growth requirements; no tourney or spire minimums, FA not mandatory) FS on Elcy (top 10 in FA's) there is me and one Mage to track everything in the FA. That's in addition to everything else an AM with any FS requirements has to track. Having the game provide any tracking tools would be helpful. I really feel for players who are AM in more than one FS. I never wanted to be an AM anyway, lol! Our AM of over 4 yrs ended up leaving the game and appointing me AM on exit a few months ago.
Guessing the Pits aren't included in the 'total badge' tracking either, since I'd think it almost impossible to track those. As it is now, I'm all for getting to the Pits asap since I stop tracking inventory, 'who's in' as well as badges placed (I do that on total badges per waypoint, not by member: tried that and it was painful).

Grid Gypsy

Well-Known Member
@samidodamage you are correct, the competition stops when we get to the pit, though we'll probably fill every waypoint but two on the way there. (a couple on the third map where using those same badges gets you more points in the pit) We don't require FA (or even spire) but we do ask that people try, so it's a bit of added incentive. We recently had to add a point minimum on tourney though, since we had some coat-tail riders who would score a few hundred points toward the end of each week just for the prizes. We don't have a problem with it when real life gets in the way, but a steady diet of it was making other members grouchy. Our current group just happens to like throwing themselves up against the FS based mini games as a whole, so that's what we do. You could say we're a very focused yet casual group. lol


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
If you're a spreadsheet person, I have a custom one that is relatively easy to use and will also let you see who's dropped one into the map. DM me.

The Fairy

Scroll-Keeper, Buddy Fan Club Member
I would like an easy way to see who has not placed a badge yet as we try to wait for everyone such that everyone can get the stage rewards.

I would prefer the yes/no format:
Some of my fs push hard and all waypoints tend to be completed fast, so a "competition" for who is placing most badges would likely only have the stages fill faster plus those who are on when I new waypoint opens can get a lot of the easy badges in.


New Member
I would like to see a feature like this added as well, and agree the yes/no format is the way to go. In general, it would be useful for mages/archmages to have more gui-tools in game to help manage FS, so perhaps if people are concerned about the “shaming” aspect of management tools, they could be introduced into a tab that popped up for those with the mage/archmage promotion only? I realize that might be difficult to engineer, and this suggestion in and of itself might need to be moved to a new thread, but I felt it was also appropriate to bring up in this thread and the one about the Tourney zero scores. Happy Gaming everyone!


Well-Known Member
As the FA draws to an end today, I reread all the comment on my suggestion for a "Badges Placed Report" so it is easier to check that everyone placed at least 1 badge and will share in the rewards when the flag is pulled. There was a split on whether the report should show the number of badges placed by each player or as simple Yes/No. Everyone was in favor have having a report.
I never asked for a vote on this issue and wonder if its necessary so the idea is forwarded to the Developers.
If a vote is required, should the idea be re-posted asking for a Yes/No Report, or leave it as is. I prefer the number of Badges on the report, but a Yes/No will have fewer objections.

helya, is a vote required before the idea can be forwarded. In your opinion, should we request the number of badges, or or just Yes/No for badges placed.


Mathematician par Excellence
If a vote is required, should the idea be re-posted asking for a Yes/No Report
Yes, I think the change to Yes/No is superior and a vote with a decent turnout could get more attention from the developers.
Also, I'm not certain how ideas are forwarded, but a good clean proposal in the standard format is probably easier for @helya to either link or cut&paste.


Well-Known Member
Thank you helya, that would be great I am ok with either option.
I edited my first post in this thread and I think its ready to for a vote if required, or to be forwarded to the developers.
Thanks for your help.