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Fellowship Adventure Badges Placed Report

Suggestion - Add a tab on the FA Banner that will list every member and the number of badges placed

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@able99 you might want to consider removing that second paragraph, it's not essential and is a bit subjective. While your example might be helpful in illustrating your idea to the forum, it's not really necessary for a suggestion going to the devs. It's important that you make sure your suggestion includes objective benefits, not just "I don't like this, I want it changed." I would recommend you try to make it as formal and concise as possible. Refer to this page for specifics.


In my Fellowship we try to make sure everyone has at least 1 badge placed before moving to the next stage. We all know it is a tedious and error prone process to check that every member placed at least 1 badge before pulling the flag in each stage.

I propose INNO add a tab on the FA Banner that will list every member and the number of badges placed in the current Stage.
(As an alternative a Yes/No can be used instead of the count to indicate the player placed a badge in the current stage)
FA are different than tournaments in that there is no stigma to placing just 1 badge in each stage to receive the reward when the flag is pulled.
1. Participation is not required in my fs.
2. Members between chapters have more space and pick up a good part of the load.
3. We want every member to place a badge, not for the benefit of the fs but for the benefit of the member.

Making sure everyone placed a badge to shares in the Rewards is a difficult and error prone process.
The report is meant to make it easier on AM and error free.
I would leave it to the developers to determine if a badge count or y/n is easier to implement.
Thank you for supporting this proposal.
This is an excellent idea, even a little orb that lights up next to the players name is quite sufficient, being AM in 3 FS any help would be greatly appreciated. I've voted yes
I would think a ranking, most badges to least and none (not ranked), would work. Straight quantity implies that all badges are of equal value. A 5 minute (beverage / dwarves brewery), a 3 hour (advanced tools / carpenter's guild), a 9 hour (basket of groceries / farmers delight), and a 24 hour (toolbox / blacksmith's guild) production would count the same; players wanting lots of badge points for a bigger share of the reward could just target shorter production runs.
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