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Fix Fellowships Perks UI


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It's pretty much just an entry into a log, so short and concise is best and I will also link to the suggestion


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I think we're ready to practice democracy. We need work on our gerrymandering though. I've been practicing drawing @muffy. a lot, but I don't know if that's all that helpful. My list of non-marketable traits continues to grow.
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From an upside down swinging view point of view.....my opinion...
The perks should be something only the Archmage controls
The Archmage should know their peeps and know what they need and what will benefit them that's their duty.
It states what you have ongoing...it's states what you need for the next level upgrade ...and it states what is stored that you can use.
Help me understand what more is needed cuz maybe I'm missing something as it's new to me too.
To me...the more people you have clicking buttons at any given time just tells me there's no goal being set forth and it's a free for all.
I feel the same regarding FA's.....when you have 25 people.....that are seriously 25 people....not 1 person playing the role for 10 and acting as if it's a full fellowship....the Archmage should have more control .
That's my opinion.... I'm not a fan of a bunch of people running round acting like wild banshees...


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In the FS where I'm AM (I'm an ambassador in the other one and really happy I don't have the responsibility there, lol!), I like having the Mages able to both spend XP points on perks as well as apply archive points to spire and tourney. It's working well for us, but there are several caveats here. Two of the Mages and I have been playing together for ~3yrs, the 3rd mage has been with us for over a year. We all take our leadership roles seriously. We took our time talking about exactly what we wanted to do and in what order to achieve the group goals that were arrived at in FS wide discussions. We haven't needed the reset so far for the XP points; whoever was on when the points were there just put them where we had all decided they'd go next. We're now down to the one perk we're doing to max level before going further on any of the others, so it's easy-peasy.
The biggest help comes with spending the archive points each week in spire/tourney. Since we can bank more for the next week, we try to get those points spent each week to increase the spire crystals/tourney chests we get; getting an extra of either is 4K XP we can put towards perk levels. And being there when you can use those points is tough! All 4 of us try to keep an eye on it and drop them in when we're able (have to have enough pts to open the next crystal/chest to use them). We'll also be working together in the future on a Spire push week. Using the pts each week means we get more XP, but for Spire it means we aren't storing the max weekly since we're not getting that far above the pts needed for the 11th crystal. We may need to hold off on using the archive pts one week to build up enough pts to have a successful gold push. I wouldn't want to be trying to do all this without their help! Tracking what we're doing and coordinating when we're going to do something is more than enough to keep me busy! Besides, I have banshees to fight...


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
This answer comes in two parts.
I AM two FSs, and like Sami, I really appreciate that there are 2 mages who can assist where necessary, seeing as Inno has the Spire wind up while I am at work (despite feedback, gotta say, what the heck??).

Part 2. Some of you guys are coming across as, hmmm, what's the word? Like you've failed a test, and have lost your marbles?


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holding this for a second try, it came in 4th when it was last presented
Dang it, probably foiled by the Community Manager of Tonga again! Was it the snacks? The seasoning was probably too exotic for Tongan palate. Maybe we have to keep it safe next time and stick with popcorn.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
Why, why why did I not comment before now? That's crazy. I'm on every day and I know I voted for this. But I should have opened my big mouth before this and told you what a great idea it is!

I DETEST not having a way to see the perk points between spire runs and also not being able to see who was the person who pulled the flag pushed the perk button to add perks when I am trying to save them for our spire push. We need notifications! At least then the person who keeps doing it would be too embarassed to be the center of attention, and would quit pushing that button.