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Highlight Boosted Goods as in the Main Hall


Some of us, probably most, have more than a couple cities. There is nowhere to check to see what your boosted goods are when there. They are highlighted in the main hall, so I presume it is possible to highlight them in the Trader also, same layout.

I for one, get tired of clicking out, clicking the other, clicking the tab, clicking back in, ..... now where was I??? It would be an asset. Thanks.


Yeah - it'd be nice to see how many you have of what and what you are boosted in when in the Provinces, Tree, and even the Trader. It's a bit of a pain having to click back and forth and so on.


This is a really great idea, all they would really need to do is make it possible to access the goods overview button with the trader window open or when the province negotiation window is open.